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ICC T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download

This is the ICC’s latest schedule of T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download. T 20 first match is being started on 17th October 2021 will be played with Sri Lanka and Ireland. Every country in this world competes with one another in all walks of life like sports games, speeches, exams, education, politics, and so many other activities are held inside a country and International Level. This news has been created for IPL Schedule 2021 Time Table announced and approved by International Cricket Board (ICC).

T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download

International Cricket Council (ICC) T 20 World Cup 2021 has shared the schedule and venue of the ICC Match T Twenty 2021. This has been shared that finally, the ICC would take place from 17 Oct 2021 to 08th Nov 2021.

T 20 World Cup 2021 ICC Match Schedule

T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF See venue teams schedule. T20’s first match starts on 17th Oct 2021 and the last match will be played on 08 Nov 2021. T 20 match schedule attached.

T 20 Match 2021 Schedule
117-Oct-21Sri Lanka vs IrelandAFirst Round
218-Oct-21The Netherlands vs Namibia
319-Oct-21Bangladesh vs ScotlandB
4Papua New Guinea Oman
520-Oct-21Ireland Vs the NetherlandsA
6Sri Lanka vs Namibia
721-Oct-21Scotland Vs Papua New GuineaB
8Bangladesh Vs Oman
922-Oct-21Ireland Vs NamibiaA
10Sri Lanka Vs the Netherlands
1123-Oct-21Scotland Vs OmanB
12Bangladesh vs  Papua New Guinea
1324-Oct-21England Vs Australia1Super 12
14India Vs Pakistan2
1525-Oct-21A1 Vs B21
16South Africa Vs West Indies
1726-Oct-21Afghanistan Vs A22
18New Zealand Vs B1
1927-Oct-21England Vs A11
2028-Oct-21Afghanistan Vs B12
2128-Oct-21Australia Vs South Africa1
2229-Oct-21West Indies Vs A1
23Pakistan Vs A22
2430-Oct-21India Vs New Zealand
25England Vs B21
2631-Oct-21Australia Vs West Indies
2731-Oct-21West Indies Vs B2
2801-Nov-21Pakistan Vs New Zealand2
2901-Nov-21India Vs Afghanistan
3002-Nov-21A2 Vs B1
31Australia Vs A11
3203-Nov-21England Vs West Indies
3304-Nov-21South Africa Vs A1
3404-Nov-21Pakistan Vs Afghanistan2
3505-Nov-21India Vs A2
36New Zealand Vs A2
3706-Nov-21Pakistan Vs B11
38England Vs South Africa1
3907-Nov-21Australia Vs B22
40South Africa Vs B21
4108-Nov-21India Vs B12
42New Zealand Vs Afghanistan


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