Sunday , October 17 2021

ICC T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download

This is the ICC’s latest schedule of T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download. T 20 first match is being started on 17th October 2021 will be played with Sri Lanka and Ireland. Every country in this world competes with one another in all walks of life like sports games, speeches, exams, education, politics, and so many other activities are held inside a country and International Level. This news has been created for IPL Schedule 2021 Time Table announced and approved by International Cricket Board (ICC).

T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download

International Cricket Council (ICC) T 20 World Cup 2021 has shared the schedule and venue of the ICC Match T Twenty 2021. This has been shared that finally, the ICC would take place from 17 Oct 2021 to 08th Nov 2021.

T 20 World Cup 2021 ICC Match Schedule

T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF See venue teams schedule. T20’s first match starts on 17th Oct 2021 and the last match will be played on 08 Nov 2021. T 20 match schedule attached. ICC 7th Tournaments T Twenty World cup venue at United Arab Emirates & Oman.

ICC T 20 World Cup 2021 Schedule PDF Download

Who is 1st Rank in T20 Matches

All teams are given points scores read here who is 1st rank in T20 matches. England stands first getting scores 7786 points, India is on 2nd number getting 7093 scores and New Zeland is 3rd number getting scores 6048 points.

T 20 Match 2021 Schedule
Sr Date Vs Group Round
1 17-Oct-21 Sri Lanka vs Ireland A First Round
2 18-Oct-21 The Netherlands vs Namibia
3 19-Oct-21 Bangladesh vs Scotland B
4 Papua New Guinea Oman
5 20-Oct-21 Ireland Vs the Netherlands A
6 Sri Lanka vs Namibia
7 21-Oct-21 Scotland Vs Papua New Guinea B
8 Bangladesh Vs Oman
9 22-Oct-21 Ireland Vs Namibia A
10 Sri Lanka Vs the Netherlands
11 23-Oct-21 Scotland Vs Oman B
12 Bangladesh vs  Papua New Guinea
13 24-Oct-21 England Vs Australia 1 Super 12
14 India Vs Pakistan 2
15 25-Oct-21 A1 Vs B2 1
16 South Africa Vs West Indies
17 26-Oct-21 Afghanistan Vs A2 2
18 New Zealand Vs B1
19 27-Oct-21 England Vs A1 1
20 28-Oct-21 Afghanistan Vs B1 2
21 28-Oct-21 Australia Vs South Africa 1
22 29-Oct-21 West Indies Vs A1
23 Pakistan Vs A2 2
24 30-Oct-21 India Vs New Zealand
25 England Vs B2 1
26 31-Oct-21 Australia Vs West Indies
27 31-Oct-21 West Indies Vs B2
28 01-Nov-21 Pakistan Vs New Zealand 2
29 01-Nov-21 India Vs Afghanistan
30 02-Nov-21 A2 Vs B1
31 Australia Vs A1 1
32 03-Nov-21 England Vs West Indies
33 04-Nov-21 South Africa Vs A1
34 04-Nov-21 Pakistan Vs Afghanistan 2
35 05-Nov-21 India Vs A2
36 New Zealand Vs A2
37 06-Nov-21 Pakistan Vs B1 1
38 England Vs South Africa 1
39 07-Nov-21 Australia Vs B2 2
40 South Africa Vs B2 1
41 08-Nov-21 India Vs B1 2
42 New Zealand Vs Afghanistan


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