Friday , January 27 2023

Corona Tiger Force Identity Cards Jackets Issued

Tiger Force Face Mask for Identity

For volunteers, Tiger Force Identity Cards Jackets were issued for performing their duty on the difficult time of the Corona War in Pakistan and lockdown situation in the different areas in Punjab. So the government is decided after the meeting it was give the special tiger force identity cards and jackets.

The meeting was held in the Chief Secretary Office in which are participating these persons are Special Assistant of Prime Minister of Youth Affairs Usman Dar, Jawwad Rafique Malik Chief Secretary of Punjab, Shah Mehmood Qureshi Foreign Minister, Deputy Commissioner of Lahore and all other officers are attended the video link conference for the welfare of the people.

In which they were decided that the volunteers are performing their duties at Hospitals, utility stores, during a flood, price control purpose, plantation, and implementation of the Coronavirus SOPs in our country of this pandemic situation of lockdown.

The basic purpose of that special volunteer person is visible to the public and perform their duties and give service to the government.

Usman Dar’s efforts are well appreciated Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that and it was told him it was started the trial in the city of Sialkot after getting success then it was launched in the other capital and regions.

In this bad environment is created each side when the lockdown is being some areas then the local inhabitants can’t move for the markets and bazaars then this Corona Relief Tiger Force Identity Cards and Jackets those persons are helped out them for delivered the life-saving things including food and other necessity of life items to their door.

Corona Tiger Force Jackets