Govt. Employees Salary & Pension Increase Federal Budget 2018-19

Final Decision Federal Budget 2018 to 2019 Govt. Employees Salary & Pension Increase

Now we are telling you the Latest Federal Budget 2018-19 Pakistan the Government Employees Salary Increase how much and retire persons pension in which are boost up in this financial year and the Medical allowance also add up some percentage the entire information is share you in this post. That we will told him medical allowance and salary it was final decision because two days ago the Prime Minister is called him the meeting that the govt. retire people and employee’s has openly increasing 15 % approved and this article read in Express Newspaper Salary Increase Government Employees in National Assembly Budget 2018 to 2019 in Pakistan.

Anyone official employee should have work in any other departments in which the salary and pension is raise up to 15 percent. The medial allowance of Grade 1 (BPS) to 15 (BPS) has enhance 500 rupee before this time it was 1500 (Fifteen Hundred) but now being 2000 (Two thousands) that’s news is printing on the Pakistan Daily Express Newspaper where the whole details are written PM Shahid Khan Abbasi has called a meeting two days ago in there a final decided where telling him anybody inhabitants who’s are leave the jobs and present natives Pay Increase 15 % Federal Budget 2018-19 Punjab Government Employees Salary Increase and the medical allowance is adding 20 %.

I hope you can avail this exclusive information about Punjab Budget 2018-19 Salary Increase and the medial allowance of Grade 1 to 15 employees are grew up 2000. That’s are the good news for you because before this time when the government is announced the Budget 2018 then in which only ten or seven percent increase in salaries but this time fifteen percent increasing are announcements.

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