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Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location, Owner Name

Parisad, who was born and raised in a poor family, is always ridiculed for his dark skin tone. His romantic initiatives have always been rejected due to his appearance and financial situation. Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location, Owner Name announced by the director of the drama.

Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location, Owner Name

What is the history of the Pakistani drama Parizad The story revolves around a dark-skinned college student, Parizad (Ahmad Ali Akbar). Parisad is someone who grew up with self-esteem and confidence issues. Despite being judged by society, he is very hardworking, very respectful, courteous and makes a lasting impression on anyone he meets. Pk Drama owner name Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad shooting location.

Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location, Owner Name

Uptill now 30 episodes of Parizad Drama have been completed. This drama is casted and hosted by HUM TV. Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location, Owner name, Price. Pakistani Drama Parizaad HUM TV Drama shooting location, address, owner Usman Cheema cast names are Ahmad Ali Akbar, Mashal Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Saboor aly sister of Sajal Aly Pakistani celebrity, Ushna Shah, Nouman Ijaz, and Nargiz rasheed are the caster.

Here, we would like to reveal the details about this house. Recently, Urdu Point got in touch with the real owner of the famous house. The house is owned by Osman Zafar Shema. The house used in Paris is valued at 60 crore in Pakistani rupees and all the cars and Range Rovers that were used in the house are owned by Usman Zafar Cheema. The house is located in Gulbergs Green Islamabad which was built in 2018.

PK Drama Parizad Home, Cast, and Location

The total area of ​​the house is 10 channels. The building area of ​​the house is large, but it only has 14 rooms, it has many halls and corridors. The owner said that now people come and visit his house after the drama. He said there is a map guide video of his house on YouTube. Parizad drama 1st episode was started on dated 20/07/2021. Usman Zafar Cheema Parizaad Home, Location is Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.