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Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme April 2022

Vital Tea Gold Coins Draw List 2020This is a company which dealing products about Tea (Chai). It is becoming very large and national dealing its products of Tea. This company has recently started its new scheme named Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme 2022. See how to join in Lucky Draw Vital tea scheme 2022 has come. This company announced some special offers and samples for its owners and consumers. So here is the list Vital Tea Gold coins scheme 2022 that was newly announced was done officially by Dunya News Live Vital Tea Draw list 2022.

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Vital Tea Gold Coins Lucky Draw List 2022

This is a free offer for the people of Pakistan this tea is most using chai at every home. By using this tea you can get a chance to win Spoon of Gold by sending your token to the Vital Tea address. This is a big celebration announced by the company on a showing of Gold on buying the packet of Vital Chai.

Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme 2021

People are given a chance to win a bumper prize by this give peoples are given the chances and temptation to win the prices of anything in so many ways. So here Vital Tea Gold Coin Draw List 2022 has been introduced by the administrative authority of this company that who will purchase the packets of this tea and if according to the luck if a coping or token number find out to send that coupon number at the address to participate in the annual Vita Tea Quarandaazi scheme 2022.

It has been really announced by the company that is a splendid scheme is going to be started next year. All the information is given in the notification attached. Note down that It has been officially announced that the company has started to send Gold scheme numbers on Vital 950 Grams and Vital 475 grams in which Gold scheme card is available in above said chai.   

  • Vital tea validation date: 15-01-2022
  • The vital tea scheme will end on 05 March 2022
  • Vital Gold copen will be shown on 475 and 95p grams Vital pack
  • A total of 500 Gold coins will be in distribution.
  • 1 Gold coin’s weight is 4 grams gold.
  • This scheme will be telecasted live on Dunya News and other TV channels
  • Vital Tea Gold Coin Draw List 2022 Telecasting Time is 12:00 PM

It has been also announced by the autonomous body that there will 500 coins will be distributed to citizens of Pakistan and it is said that one coin is equal to 5 grams. So be hurry up and participate in the Vital Tea Gold Coin Winners Lucky Draw 2022 to win Vital 5 grams 2020. 

Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme 2021

Where to Send Vital Tea Gold Coin Coupin Number

When you find a card from 950g and 475g packet of vital tea then send the code to 7575 by SMS and get the chance to win gold the great scheme is started for customers can purchase vital Chaye 2022.

Vital Gold Scheme Date and Time

Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme 2022 is being held starting from 15 January 2022 to 5 March 2022. Such willful inhabitants will give part and send this coupon to the address. This Vital Tea Gold Coins Scheme 2022 will also be telecasted on live Dunia News and other social media channel. Keep watching these channels especially those who participate in the Vital Tea Qura Andaazi 2022.

Vital Tea Contact Number 

for any information and query contact him through these telephone numbers: