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When is Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee (Mela) 2018 in Nankana Sahib

Baba Guru Nanak Dev G Mela When in Nankana Sahib 2018

When is Conduct Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mela (Birthday) 2018 in Pakistan

Now this time the Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee (Mela) in Nankana Sahib is celebrated with great blame and passion in the dates of 21st November, 2018 to 24th November 2018. From last night, he loves to dance with remote, as far as Australia is involved in this festival from USA, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, India and all over the world singh’s are come in the birth place in Pakistan at Nankana Sahib for the celebrating of his birthday. It comes to the event of four days, and it is managed by a very special idea. Nanak Sahib is much decorated during the Sikh festival, and also to eat food to protect Sikh yatrees (pilgrims). Goes away in Sikh the main city, I worship and worship other people, who spend 04 days in the celebration on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Baba Guru Nanak Dev G festival ears are like the most beautiful in the shops. Items like shoes and shoes are placed in such shops, for sale and sale in these shops and buy things and are kept indoors inside the gutters for these days, fall down Rent the nearest houses for the next three days for a day, and keep their equipment there and go to Urdu and prepare them specially in the collision, to arranged their food. On the occasion of Baba Guru Nanak Their safety is also managed to manage their living.

Joined Gathering Baba Guru Nanak Mela Festival 2018

People gather across Punjab and Sindh, even in other parts of India to join this festival that has been really spread for many days. Traders have shown their sale for sale, which includes high electronics from tankers, weapons nahangas and especially agricultural machinery  The country’s largest circus, appellation and gymnastics are about ruling matters, patients and giant wheels, and the death of the famous valleys are a special focus for children. Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee Mela 2018 in Nankana Sahib Festival on the third day of the carnival, a procession is pulled out; all the pilgrims who are present during meeting and worship during their participation are celebrated at 12:00 AM after worshiping and celebrating after that they go to their own homes.