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When is Eid-ul-Fitr 2022 | Date & Day in Pakistan

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When is Eid ul Fitr on Pakistan Day & Date 2022

Monday, 02 May 2022

Or Maybe

Tuesday, 03 May 2022

Eid ul Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. Which is a month of fasting and prayers Ramadan? Many Muslims attend communal prayers, listen to a khutba sermon and give zakat al Fitr charity in the form of food during Eid al Fitr. Many people purchase new clothes and gifts for eid ul fiter for the children and relatives to eid wish 2022.

Frequently in Peshawar Eid ul Fitr is celebrated before Punjab because in the city Pathan’s brothers are most hurry to conduct the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr Saudi Arabia also makes this event on the 29th fast. 

When is Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan you know they have three days and Muslims enjoy in days, all government offices, and employees’ holidays in three days, so he fully enjoys with family and relatives? Some people walk in beautiful cities and places in the world and Pakistan.

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