Thursday , March 30 2023

World University Rankings 2023 Check Out Updated List Here

Education is the 1st key to becoming good humanity and to success in every walk of life. Only education can remove ignorance and spread the light of success. For this purpose, we can imagine there a lot of educational institutions have been established across the world. As per the statistics report, there are 1799 educational universities in 104 countries & regions below the names of the World University Rankings 2023 updated list is provided by the highest to lowest ranking.

World University Rankings 2023 Check Out Updated List Here

Let us check out World University Rankings 2023 not only in Pakistan but also in other countries. The list and ranking are categorized based on the best performance, international outlook, environment, teaching, research, academic staff, knowledge transfer, motivational content etcetera. The world ranking of Universities does not last all time it is changeable on performance-based.

World University Rankings 2023 Check List Below

The list of World University Rankings 2023 is made not easily the outcomes come after large struggle and data collection from numerous colleges and scholars at Globe. Below check out this year how the list of top World University ranks in 2023 rise and falls and shifted to the new one.

List of Top World University Rankings 2023 This Year

This year 2022 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (Cambridge M.A United States) got first in ranking from the last 3 years 2020, 2021, and 2022. After this, the name of the University of Exford ENG (United kingdom) comes on 2nd while 3rd ranking Stanford University (C.A United States). Remember this educational institution ranking on 2nd last 2 years but in the current year, it is changed to 3rd position in the Top Universities of the world.

Sr #University NameNo of Scores1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)100 Cambridge, United States    2University of Cambridge98.8 Cambridge, United Kingdom    3Stanford University98.5 Stanford, United States

World University Rankings 2023 Check Out Updated List Here
1 University of Oxford 98.4
 Oxford, United Kingdom
2 Harvard University 97.6
 Cambridge, United States
3 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 97
 Pasadena, United States
4 Imperial College London 97
 London, United Kingdom
5 UCL 95
 London, United Kingdom
6 ETH Zurich 93.6
 Zürich, Switzerland
7 University of Chicago 93.2
 Chicago, United States
8 National University of Singapore (NUS) 92.7
 Singapore, Singapore
9 Peking University 91.3
 Beijing, China (Mainland)
10 University of Pennsylvania 90.6
 Philadelphia, United States
11 Tsinghua University 90.1
 Beijing, China (Mainland)
12 The University of Edinburgh 89.5
 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
13 EPFL 89.2
 Lausanne, Switzerland
14 Princeton University 89.2
 Princeton, United States
15 Yale University 89
 New Haven, United States
16 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) 88.4
 Singapore, Singapore
17 Cornell University 88
 Ithaca, United States