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6th September Defence Day Essay & History

In Pakistan, 6th September is the National Defence day for the remembrance of the sacrifices of our great heroes and soldiers to defend our borders. This day is also called Youm e Dafa day in Pakistan. This day has great importance that how the soldiers have to save our border from the Indian Army. I have written the 6th September Defence Day Essay speech after a long search on the internet. In this article, I would like to tell you how this day is organised by hoisting the flags of Pakistan.

6th September Defence Day Essay & History

On this day our great soldiers have sacrificed their lives Major Raja Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) & Major Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) are famous who have received Pakistan’s highest award for defending. He moved from Hong Kong to Pakistan before it became independent in 1947. In 1950 He was enlisted with the newly formed Pakistani Army & commissioned to Punjab Regiment.

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6th September Defence Day Essay in English Read Online

From the start, Pakistan and India have fought several wars on the topic of getting a separate continent. Wars of 1948 1956 1965 1971 and wars of 1999 are famous were fought between Pak and Indo. Read 6th September Defence Day Essay full details and history about the war of 1965. In Pakistan every year this day is remembered for the remembrance of the sacrifices the lives of our great soldiers in the 1965 war fought between Indian and Pakistan.

Pakistan has given the most Highest Military Award named “Nishan-e-Haider” this award is given to our soldiers for bravery. We remember and salute the out great soldiers of the Pakistan Army who have fought the war of killing to defend our country. They have given their lives for our great Pakistan country.

6th September 1965 day has most significant. This war was fought between Indian and Pakistan on 23th August 1965. This was a surprising attack by India when their Army has crossed the line of the Pakistan border to target Jammu Kashmir.

How 6th September Defence Day is Celebrated

This day was officially commemorated by Pakistan Government and all nations also give honour and tribute to our great heroes who defend our border and killed the Indian troops. We organised farewell functions in the school by organising Parade March and a tribute slogan to the honour of Shaheed. We organised the 6th September Defence Day Essay and speech by saying essays and quotes to tribute them.

To commemorate this day 6th September Pakistan on social media Defence Day Wallpapers and status are also used for the purposes of remembering our martyred soldiers. Purpose of Using status images and wallpaper on social media to tribute our soldiers who work day and night to defend our country and border.

Defence day is also known as Youme Difa so collect some important Quotes SMS and Poetry on this national defence day to commemorate the Shuhdaas. This day reminds us that how the bravest soldiers of the Pakistan army who have laid down their lives and protected country Pakistan from Indian Troops surprised visit in War ll between Pak and India.

Pak Indo Wars History

Until now Pak and India have fought 5 battles on the issue of Azad and Jammu Kashmir 1948, 1956, 1965, 1971 and 1999. From 1999 no war was fought between them Pakistan has tried so many times to show love and peace to India and live together as a brotherhood. Prime Minister of Pakistan has also opened the Kartar our corridors to meet Indians to Pakistan.

This war was in the year 1965, in this war India attack Pakistan from the Lahore Burki sector and no one can prove themselves as prominent during the war but both countries lose many lives. 6th September Defence Day Essay in English Read Online and know the best history about these both countries. 6 September 1965 when Indian troops have tried to cross the borders and so many soldiers were martyred on this day Pakistani soldiers have defended the country and won the war.

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