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8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification SMS Code Online Check

This is breaking news for all citizens of Pakistan that the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is going to launch a new online system to renew your Identity Card. This is another good news for Pakistani citizens that now they can verify their CNIC card with complete family details like a tree. So for the purposes of renewing or verifying of NADRA identity card without visiting the office and waiting in line. 8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification is the new system launched now.

8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification SMS Code

The people of Pakistan will be glad to see this new system launched for the help of the people. Citizens of Pakistan should thank the National Database and Registration Authority for initiating these amazing and helpful steps. What is the SMS code for renewing the NADRA CNIC card at home? Just use the NADRA ID card verification SMS code 8009 Nadra Online check to get this service. In order to view the NADRA New ID Card Verification check the below SMS shortcode. 

8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification SMS Code Send Via Mobile phone

How to activate NADRA identity card at home. This step was taken due to the Pandemic situation of COVID-19. In view of keeping social distance, this authority has launched the free CNIC Renew System staying at home. All details will be sent to you via SMS service that how many members are registered with your Family.

In case you do not have a mobile number registered with NADRA first visit the office and register your mobile with the NADRA office. To stop human interaction and keep social distance NADRA has launched an IT-based System for the renewal of CNIC cards. NADRA New ID Card Verification note SMS code to get details. Use this shortcode 8009 Nadra Online verification check via SMS service.

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This step was taken after the approval of Prime Minister Pakistan at this head office. He has approved this IT-based online system for the verification and renewal of ID cards. Tell and report to Nadra 8009 I in case of any Illegal and unknown person registered with your Family. Correct the wrong entries as soon as possible.

Your Family is safe so Pakistan is safe This is the campaign started by the authorities in the wake of Covid 19. 8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification SMS Code Send Via SMS from your mobile phone.

8009 NADRA New ID Card Verification and Renewal System

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