Thursday , September 21 2023

BISP NSER Registration 2023 Check by CNIC Online Survey

NSER stands for (National Socio-Economic Registry) survey programs started by Benazir Incom Support Program and Nadra. How can register with NSER scheme 2023? This project is started under Ehsas Kafalat Program to start the survey to register eligible citizens to get help and financial assistance. When your name is entered with this scheme you may also check your name NSER Registration 2023 Check by CNIC Online Survey.

BISP NSER Registration 2022 Check by CNIC Online Survey

With the coordination of the Pakistan Government, Benazir Incom Support Program Registration Center started. NADRA has introduced NSER Registration 2023 with the collaboration of new specific centers. The major purpose and aim of this program are to facilitate the citizens of 155 Districts.

How to get NSER Registration 2023 Online

National Socio-Economic Registry survey online started registration you can register with this and also check the confirmation of the NSER registration online via the link given on this page.

  • You should follow this easy way to get registration with National Socio-Economic Registry online.
  • You must keep your B-form or CNIC with yourself.
  • Trace the EHSAAS Registration Centres / Desk nearest you to which place you belong.
  • Select your district name
  • Then click on BISP NSER Registration Centers.
  • Select your residential district to check your participation in BISP registration Survey

نادرا نے  اپنے  نئے مخصوص  سینٹرز  پر  این  یس  ای  آر  سروے  کا  آغاز  کر  دیا  ہے  –  یہ  سروے  ابتدائی  مراحل  میں  155  اضلاح  کے  رہائشیوں  کے  لیے  شروع  کیا  جا  رہا  ہے –  لسٹ  کے  لئے  لنک  پر  کلک  کریں  بینظیر  این  ایس  ای  آر  سروے  میں  اپنی  جانچ  کے  لئے  اپنا  رہائشی  ضلع  منتخب  کریں

NSER Registration 2023 Check Balance

You are able to regulate if you have finished your recording through text messages. You can fulfill the procedure by entering the CNIC Card # at the below link provided by Nadra for NSER Registration 2023. Shortcode 8171 is used for Nadra Cards. You’ll receive a confirmation text message shortly.

BISP NSER Registration 2023 Check by CNIC Online Survey