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How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL

There are several users of all telecommunication companies like Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor & PTCL. Sometimes the users have to make a conference call on these networks from one to another network. So this is the best content created for your assistance in this regard. See what is the simple and easy method of How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL etc. Follow the tips and tricks to start a live conference call with your friends & family members. Check onlne Conference call code Jazz to start a free sharing call.

How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL

How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL

  • 1st make a call to any contact number of your friends and family members.
  • When you listen that call has been connected with someone so simply click on the hold call button.
  • Go to the options menu and select another option to make a new call.
  • So now make another new call.
  • When you see that 2nd dialed number has been connected then go back to the main option.
  • Now here is the option with “Conference Call” press on it.
  • Select the maximum number with which you want to make a conference call on any network for How to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor conference call activation code PTCL.
  • So you enjoy the conference call with your friends.

How to make a conference call on Jazz Ufone

Here you can learn about how to start conference calls on the Jazz network. This is very easy you can make conversation in a group. Users are searching for a competitive method when the new features of conference calls are introduced. How to conference call on Jazz Check the below conference call code and method for all networks.

Mobilink Conference Call
Service NameJazz Conference Call
Sub: *188#Un-Sub: *188*1#
Price: NilAdd 4 Numbers
Helpline: 111

There is no fee or charge for the Jazz Conference call. Dial *188# to activate this service and dial *188*1# to un-sub this service. For any information call 111 Jazz Helpline.

How to make Zong Conference Call

Here is the same procedure for also Zong network to make the Zong conference call activation code on all networks. Simply dial *310# to subscribe to this service. You can add 10 members to the Zong network conference call.

Warid Conference Call Codes 

Warid telecommunication authority has also offered the services of Warid Conference Call on all networks. This has a limit of 6 members to add to the call. Here are the complete details about all network Jazz conference call code 2023 notes.

How to make Telenor Conference Call 

Telenor authority has also launched this service of conferencing the calls to all other networks. It also permits 6 numbers to be added on a Telenor Conference call at one time. Call the helpline center and manually start this service.

How to start Ufone Conference call Code 2023

Ufone is another large network working in Pakistan. In this network, you can just add 6 numbers in the group and conversational call together. Send an SMS to 6789 written with SUB to activate this service. Only Rs 3 is a one-time subscription charge to start the Ufone Conference Call code 2023 check here for the detail of How to conference call on Jazz and all other networks.

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How to make a conference call on PTCL

PTCL is the most used calling service being used in Pakistan. PTCL Conference call code is 1236 dial add this service. Add 6 numbers on a conference call. Dial a number from the PTCL set when the call connects press the button “Flash” flash button to hold the call. This content is a How-to conference call on Jazz Ufone Zong Telenor PTCL.

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