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DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan 2023 Check Disck Frequency

That is great news that the DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan has been announced. You can get free Air Mpeg 2 by using these DD Dish Free channels. DD Dish Free Channel List 2023 is around 150+ TV channels, including MPEG-2 + dd free dish list mpeg4 channels + HD channels + Educational TV channels. How many channels are available on these DD Free Dish these are no 116 TV channels with formats of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

DD Free Dish Channel List 2022 MPEG-2 April

DD Free Dish channel has been grown with the help of assortments for those expecting to use TV directs for nothing in India. During the pandemic COVID situation, the wide organization of DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan MPEG-2 April new holds Indians told, gives general amusement content, & elevates training to arrive at those with no broadband availability.

DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Format

India has seen an impressive update in the manner TV stations are communicated to end purchasers. This year, TRAI offered new principles that made DTH channels to clients at considerably more reasonable rates than previously. While channels currently accompany a proper Network Capacity Fee (NCF) and individual channels, Doordarshan proceeds with an unmistakable monster.

What is the Frequency of DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan?

What is DD Free Dish Frequency with a transponder (MHz) and Polarization? 1- 10990 (V), 2- 11070 (V), 3-11150 (V), 4- 11570 (V). people want to know what is DD 22K Free dish channel list. 22 K means (of), Diseqc Switch (Off), DD Fresh Dish All TP.  DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan is in the below table.

Sr #Dish TV PakistanChannel Number
1DD News1
2DD National2
3DD Retro3
4DD Kisan4
5DD India5
6Sun Marathi6
8DD Girnar8
9Ishara TV9
10ABZY Movies10
12B4U Movies12
13Good News Today13
14B4U Bhojpuri14
16Big Ganga16
17Goldmines Bhojpuri17
18Manoranjan Prime18
19Manoranjan Grand19
20Shemaroo Marathibana20
21DD Podhigai21
22DD Punjabi22
23DD Sahyadri23
24Fakt Marathi24
26Sansad TV26
27Sansad TV27
28Shemaroo TV28
30Bhojpuri Cinema30
31Zee Biskope31
32ABZY Cool32
33Dhinchaak 233
34The Q34
35Colors Cineplex Bollywood35
36Goldmines Hindi36
37Enterr 1037
38Rishtey Cineplex38
39Movie Plus39
40Manoranjan Movie40
41Big Magic41
42B4U Kadak42
43Manoranjan TV43
44TV9 Bharatvarsh44
46Filamchi Bhojpuri46
48Zee Anmol Cinema48
49NDTV India49
51Enterr- 10 Movies51
52Goldmines Movies52
53Popcorn Movies53
54Sanskar TV54
55Star Utsav Movies55
56News 18 India56
58Sony Wah58
59Zee Hindustan59
60India News60
61MTV Beats61
63B4U Music63
64India TV64
65News Nation65
66Times Now Navbharat66
67Republic Bharat67
68Aaj Tak68
69ABP News69
70Zee News70
71Zee Chitramandir71
72Zee Punjabi72
73News 24 Think First73
74Food Food74
75DD Yadagiri75
76DD UP76
77DD Bharati77
78DD Rajasthan78
79DD Sports79
80DD Bihar80
81DD Jharkhand81
82DD MP82
83DD Tripura83
84DD Chhattisgarh84
85DD Kashir85
86DD Chandana86
87DD Uttarakhand87
88DD Saptagiri88
89DD Malayalam89
90DD Assam90
91DD Oriya91
92DD Arun Prabha92
93DD Bangla93
94Home Channel94
95Astha Bhajan95
96Chardikala Time TV96
97DD Goa97
98DD Haryana98
99DD Himachal Pradesh99
101India News UP/UK101
102Sudarshan News102
103News 18 UP/UK103
104DD Meghalaya104
105DD Manipur105
106DD Nagaland106
107DD Mizoram107
108News State UP/UK108
109News India 24X7109
110Bflix Movies110
111BTV World111
112KBS World112
113DD National HD113
114DD Urdu114
115Swadesh News115
116Raftaar Media116
117DD SWAYAM Prabha 1117
118DD SWAYAM Prabha 2118
119DD SWAYAM Prabha 3119
120DD SWAYAM Prabha 4120
121DD SWAYAM Prabha 5121
122DD SWAYAM Prabha 6122
123DD SWAYAM Prabha 7123
124DD SWAYAM Prabha 8124
125DD SWAYAM Prabha 9125
126DD SWAYAM Prabha 10126
127DD SWAYAM Prabha 11127
128DD SWAYAM Prabha 12128
129DD SWAYAM Prabha 13129
130DD SWAYAM Prabha 14130
131DD SWAYAM Prabha 15131
132DD SWAYAM Prabha 16132
133DD SWAYAM Prabha 17133
134DD SWAYAM Prabha 18134
135DD SWAYAM Prabha 19135
136DD SWAYAM Prabha 20136
137DD SWAYAM Prabha 21137
138DD SWAYAM Prabha 22138
139DD eVidya 1139
140DD eVidya 2140
141DD eVidya 3141
142DD eVidya 4142
143DD eVidya 5143
144DD eVidya 6144
145DD eVidya 7145
146DD eVidya 8146
147DD eVidya 9147
148DD eVidya 10148
149DD eVidya 11149
150DD eVidya 12150
151DD Vande Gujarat 1151
152DD Vande Gujarat 2152
153DD Vande Gujarat 3153
154DD Vande Gujarat 4154
155DD Vande Gujarat 5155
156DD Vande Gujarat 6156
157DD Vande Gujarat 7157
158DD Vande Gujarat 8158
159DD Vande Gujarat 9159
160DD Vande Gujarat10160
161DD Vande Gujarat11161
162DD Vande Gujarat12162
163DD Vande Gujarat13163
164DD Vande Gujarat14164
165DD Vande Gujarat15165
166DD Vande Gujarat16166
167DD DigiShala167
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How to Install DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan

  • It is very easy to install the DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.
  • Simply go to the DTH system at Home or Installation menu or set up the program by using the remote.
  • Choose Satellite in the edit menu bar.
  • Select add new satellite menu.
  • Choose Sat Name in the edit Manu bar.
  • Type Satellite Name as (INSAT) 4B.
  • Type satellite Longitude as 93.5  o E.
  • And then press the exit button to finish the DD Free Dish TV Channels list in Pakistan MPEG-2 and MPEG-04 installation.
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