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Disabled Person Financial Support for Special CNIC Card

The Pakistani President has started a special CNIC card for disabled persons in Pakistan in order to provide them with financial assistance. This news is being shared for the necessary information to all those who are eligible for financial help. So keep in mind and find all those Disabled people who are living around you and meet the criteria. Disabled Person Financial Support Certificate what documents are required to make the eligibility?

Disabled Person Fanancial Support for Special CNIC Card

A special CNIC Card is made for this disabled person to recognize separately. We are sharing special information with you regarding making the certificate free of cost. What is the fee/charges of a special person ID Card Remember it is free do not pay even a rupee to anyone for this purpose.

How to apply for Disabled Person Financial Support

All Disabled person who has made the certificate send the message from your Mobile number.

Type HQ in the message dialogue box and send it to 8123 SMS Code.

Find around you the ID card of the Disabled Person is found wheel chair shape on the card so get registered to support them.

Eligibility Criteria Disabled Person Financial Support

Follow these steps to complete the procedure in order to make the Special Person Certificate for the Disabled.

The District Social Welfare Officer will come to make the certificate by taking the necessary documents mentioned here.

Get the form and complete it completely.

National Identity Card of the Disabled person, CNIC Of Father, 2 pictures, all attested documents submit.

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When all proceeding is completed so the Disabled Person Financial Support will be issued after checking by Medical Board.

Remember the fee of this Certificate is 0 so do not pay any charges to someone for this purpose.

Note: All disabled persons can make this certificate from any Nadra Office of Pakistan.

The person who gets this certificate will be eligible to get all benefits and financial support from Government.

Share the information as much as can so the beneficiary can avail of this opportunity.

Disabled Person Fanancial Support for Special CNIC Card

لکھ کر سپیس دیکر اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر لکھ کر8123 پر سینڈ کریں۔ تصدیق کرنے کے بعد انکی مالی معاونت کی جائے گی۔  HQ وہ تمام افراد جن کا معذوری شناختی کارڈ بن چکا ہے وہ میسج میں جس دوست کے قریب کوئی معذور رہتا ہے اس کا شناختی کارڈ چیک کریں اور اگر اس پر ویل چیئر کا نشان بنا ہے تو شناختی کارڈ نمبر کو 8123 پر بھیجیں ہمارا تھوڑا سا وقت کسی کے مستقل سہارے کا ذریعہ ثابت ہوسکتا ہے🇧🇫🇵🇰

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