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Domicile Verification Punjab Online Check

Punjab Domicile Verification Management System

How to Check Domicile Verification Punjab All people can easily search online at to click this link and verify their place of residence. The government of Pakistan is established in June 2007 then it started services for all of us. The Domicile Management System provided a clean and clear quick response on your computer screen if a person makes a duplicate then you can be ensured here within a few seconds. It was created by PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) and under the supervision of the whole district province of Punjab.

Punjab Domicile Verification Check Online

There is a total of 4,635,393 people with a record of domicile certificates saved on the official website. It was mentioned from the date of 15th January 2015 to now the date is uploading when new inhabitants are making the Punjab Domicile. It is not any term or condition that someone makes a domicile a man 18 years old can build up for the purpose of applying for jobs in the private and government sector because it is necessary for the legal procedure of the vacant.

Domicile Management System Government of Punjab

That was a proof or certificate of your living residence place where you can live and your nationality proof in which mentioned your Name, Father’s Name, and CNIC No. (National Identity Card Number), The Permanent Address and domicile No are printed on them by the District Coordination Officer or Domicile office Lahore. 

Let us domicile online check for the citizen of Punjab at this web

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Without this credential, you can’t apply for any Jobs in Pakistan and other foreign countries because it’s a compulsory thing for the citizens of our region like provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Federal, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) where everyone is needed for him. Domicile number check at the following portal.

The Domicile Verification Punjab is the basic purpose of providing a transparent environment for the public so that anyone can’t make duplicate the goal of the terrorist plan. So the Government of Punjab has organized the Domicile Management System simply you can enter your 13 digits CNIC Number on the site and the result is showing automatically after generating their individual information on your mobile, laptop, and computer desktop easily without any problem. Everybody can search and Check Domicile verification Lahore Online.

Click Here *Domicile Verification Punjab*

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