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ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan Polling Day (Election Commission of Pakistan)

Islamabad: The government of Pakistan the ECP department has recently shared the Election 2023 Program and Schedule when to conduct all the events regarding polling and election for the Provincial Assembly of Punjab. Today the Election Commission of Pakistan الیکشن کمیشن آف پاکستان has announced the ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan Polling Day notification dated 8th March 2023. Let us discuss all the events and dates of commencement and what preparation has been made by the ECP in this regard.

ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan Polling Day (Election Commission of Pakistan)

ECP Election Schedule الیکشن کمیشن آف پاکستان نے الیکشن 2023 کا شیڈول اور پروگرامز نوٹیفکیشن جاری کر دیا۔ آج مورخۃ 8 مارچ 2023 کو ای سی پی نوٹیفکیشن جاری کیا جسمیں الیکشن کا تمام تر پروگرام کی تفصیل درج کی گئی ہے۔ پبلک نوٹس تاریخ، فائلنگ نومینشن تاریخ، الاٹمینٹ آف الیکشن سیمبل اور پولنگ کی تاریخ درج ذیل ہے۔

ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan Polling Day

The Election Commission of the Pakistan Government Department is an autonomous authority founded to prepare the plan, schedule, and dates of all events regarding all types of elections in the country. the election nationwide. The election commission of Pakistan has announced the election polling service System through SMS service. ECP Election Schedule 2023 Notification and important dates of different that is important to finalize the election are displayed in the table.

The citizens of Pakistan may use the SMS code to check where to visit and cast the vote, the ECP SMS services code is 8300 to confirm the vote. ECP has assigned a special duty to all the Deputy Commissioners (DCs) and all Administration and Local Government to make the necessary arrangements to conduct the smooth Election in the continent.

ECP Election Schedule 2023 is said via Notification Letter No F.2(3)/2023-Cord the polling and voting of the provincial assembly of Pakistan the Election Date 2023 will be initiated as per the following order.

ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan Polling Day (Election Commission of Pakistan)

ECP Election Schedule 2023 Date and Events 
1Notification of Election Programme for ECP Election Schedule 202308.03.2023
2Public Notice to be issued by the Returning Officer on11.03.2023
3Dates for filing of nomination papers with the Returning Officer by the candidates12.03.2023 to 14.03.2023
4Publication of names of the nominated candidates15.03.2023
5Last date for Scrutiny of nomination papers by the Returning Officer22.03.2023
6Last date for filing appeals against decisions of the Returning Officer rejecting/accepting the nomination papers for ECP Election Schedule 202327.03.2023
7Last date for deciding appeals by the Appellate Tribunal03.04.2023
8Publication of revised list of candidates04.04.2023
9Last date for withdrawal of candidature and Publication of revised list of candidates05.04.2023
10Allotment of Election Symbol to contesting candidates06.04.2023
11Polling day ECP Election Schedule 202330.04.2023

ECP Election Schedule 2023 in Pakistan

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