Tuesday , October 26 2021

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2021

CSS New Syllabus 2020 to 2021

FPSC CSS 2020 syllabus has been changed yesterday and FPSC has introduced a new CSS syllabus for 2021 and if you are looking for a new FPSC syllabus 2021 so you can get all that information at this place.

The CSS curriculum was changed last year to 2020 and now a new curriculum for 2021 has been formulated with some important changes in this curriculum. Examinations will be conducted according to the new curriculum for the next few years.

FPSC New Syllabus 2020 for Examination

In the new curriculum 2021 CSS exams, candidates will have to test a total of 1200 marks. In this essay, the candidate has to get 600 marks from compulsory subjects and 600 marks from optional subjects and all these marks have to be solved by the candidate by selecting from 7 optional groups.

In the new CSS curriculum introduced by FPSC, the candidate can enter any subject at his / her own discretion but the entry is one subject from each of the 7 different groups that have been created can select from each group.

An important announcement has also been made that the CSS exams will be announced from February 18, 2021, is the new CSS 2021 schedule. If you also want to appear in the CSS exams, you can register your name according to your subjects by following the link given below.

Online Apply for CSS Registration 2021

CSS New Syllabus 2021 PDF free download

CSS examinations are conducted to recruit aspirants to fill the posts of FPSC bureaucrats and government employees. However, according to the rules of 1981, FPSC has been conducting examinations but keeping in view the new requirements of the country, now the new curriculum will be conducted according to the 2021 CSS examinations. Open the link below to download the new curriculum CSS 2021 file in PDF format. Download the new syllabus 2021 PDF file is attached.

CSS Syllabus and Rules for Optional and Compulsory Papers for Competitive Examination 2020-2021 by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) Pakistan.

A:            Compulsory Subjects (600 Marks)

Sr. # Subjects Marks
1. English Essay 100
2. English (Precis and Composition) 100
3. General Science & Ability 100
4. Current Affairs 100
5. Pakistan Affairs 100
6. Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100
  Total 600

B:           Optional Subjects (600 Marks)

Group-1 (Select one Subject of 200 Marks Only)

Sr. # Subject Marks
1. Accountancy & Auditing 200
2. Economics 200
3. Computer Science 200
4. Political Science 200
5. International Relations 200
6. Physics 200
7. Chemistry 200
8. Applied Mathematics 100
9. Statistics 100
10. Geology 100


The question papers in Urdu or other Pakistani regional languages (Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Balochi), Persian and Arabic should be answered in the respective languages. However, questions relating to translation from the respective language into English or vice versa may be answered as directed in the question paper.


There will be two papers of 100 marks each of the subjects which carry 200 marks.  In other subjects of 100 marks, there will be one paper. Each paper will be of 3 hours duration. CSS, Competitive Examination, 2021


The ratio of MCQs in compulsory papers for CE-2016 will be 20 MCQs in each paper except in the paper of Essay. Similarly, there will be 20 MCQs from each optional paper except Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.


The question paper in Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) is to be answered in English or Urdu only. All other papers must be answered in English unless otherwise directed in the Question Paper.


Non-Muslim Candidates may either opt for Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religions as may suit them.