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Free 5G In Pakistan Release Date 2024 How many people can use it?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has sent tweets on this news about providing spectrum-free 5G in Pakistan. PTA has told us how to activate this Free 5G Package 2024. The users also claim the policy directive on launching the 5 G network in Pakistan. 5G rules are observed global level. Only 4% of people of the total public are able to use and access this network.

Free 5G In Pakistan Release Date 2024 How many people can use it?

The users of Free 5G in Pakistan are told all SOPs and terms issued by the PTA. The authority has decided to offer Free 5 G Internet for the purpose of trial minimizing errors and improving the quality of services. If we find to trace the impacts it should be launched first.

Release Date of Free 5G In Pakistan

In the months of Jun and May 2024, the Government will launch the Free 5G in Pakistan. The Ministry of Information and Technology has briefed the media to the Government of Pakistan and has planned to launch a 5G Free Package for the citizens of Pak.

Free 5G in Pakistan Rules and Regulation

He further said the final date of releasing Free 5G in Pakistan it is expected by 2024 ends. The citizens of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad were first able to use this network. After the success, it will launch another big city in Pakistan. The terms and rules tell us in the first phase not more than four percent of people will access to 5G Package in Pakistan.

How to enable free 5G in Pakistan

The viewers and users of the Internet should learn how to activate 5G in Pakistan by following the below steps.

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Contact your carrier to enable 5G in Pakistan.

If you are using two SIM Cards go to Settings then go to Mobile Network then go to SIM Management here choose one SIM from SIM 1 or SIM 2.

Just simply go to Settings from your Android mobile click on Mobile Network then go to Mobile Data and here enable Free 5G In  Pakistan.

Free 5G In Pakistan Release Date 2024 How many people can use it?

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