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Google Career Certificates Coursera Review

Google (Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth) has given big news and money earning platform. He added on dated 22 Sep 2022 Thursday Google started Google Career Certificates Pakistan.

This was launched in order to help the people to distribute professional training where they will get more chances to get jobs in technology and much more. Read more what is the major purpose behind launching this certificate and how people can get online jobs in this way.

Google Career Certificates Coursera

Google is an International search engine that today has launched a big project to provide a suitable and easy way to earn money online. This is Google Career Certificates Pakistan for all people to get online training for 6 months and be able to get jobs by staying at home. The student will spend 10 hours a week on this online course.

Google Career Certificates Pakistan Online Training

It is to remind you that in 2020 Google launched the Grow with Google program and the Google Job certificate is also part of it. Finally on dated 22/9/2022 Google launched it in Pakistan.

This is a very important question is this course free or does has some charges/fees remind Google career course will cost 14 USD dollars a month for each student.

Google Career Certificates Pakistan Fee

Google Career Certificates Pakistan online courses have been well-created and published by senior practitioners & experts in the subject matter. Google will charge 14$ for a month. And Stanford University was launched in 2012 will provide this course via Coursera.

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By getting online Google Career Certificates Pakistan students can get the following course. IT Support, IT Automation, Data Analytics, US Design, Project management, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, etc.

Note: The applicants having no education can get online training from Standford University. Google Career Certificates Pakistan does not have theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge that is able to students cope with problems of life-threatening.

Google Career Certificates Pakistan Online Course to Get Jobs 14$ Fee Per Month

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