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Happy 14 August Independence Day Wishing SMS

Pakistan Jashne-e-Azadi Mubarak SMS 2015

I have 14th August SMS 1947, Independence Day, Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak Funny, Dua, Shairy, Ghazal, Poetry in Urdu & English SMS here at 14 August Independence Day Wishing SMS read the big collection. 

You know that it is the 71st Independence Day SMS of Pakistan and all Muslims celebrated this day full of joy and happiness because It has great sweet old memories, therefore, all people enjoy this day of 14 August with full passion.

14 August Independence Day Wishing

Pakistan 14th August 1947 SMS is a freedom day of Pakistan and the Muslims separated from the Sikhs and Hindus Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah our great leader struggled hard to become this country, and when he builds the whole of Pakistan on the world map.

The religion of Islam is diffused in the whole country and the people celebrated his festivals easily without any tension. After a lot of suffering in our Armed Forces, he can get a successful alone homeland called Pakistan.

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Pakistan 14 August Independence Day Wishing

�Na Bijli, Na Paani.�
�Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani�


Ay Meray Rab, Aaj Ye Ehsan Krday
Hr Khushi Meray Pakistan K Naam Krday

Agar Iski Khushi K Liye Kisi Ki Jan Chahiye
Tou Us Pay Qurban Saray Siyasat Daan Krday.

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Is Parcham K Saye Tale Hum Ak Hain
Hum Ak Hain

Sanjhi Apni Khushiyan or Gham Ak Hain
Hum Ak Hain….


Before 1947 August 14,
the world never know the meaning of freedom,
its Pakistan that taught the world
the true meaning of freedom,
Be proud to be Pakistani,
Happy Independence Day SMS






14 August Mubarak!

DON jub chahta hai
14 AUG manata hai…!!!



P= parveen
A= asma
K= kiran
I= iqra
S= shabana
T= tahreem
A= aamna
N= naila


InDePeNdEnCe DaY Mubarak


Kici Ne Sir Kataya Tha,

Najane Kitno Ne Ghar

Lutaya Tha,

Ye Din Mushkil Se Ata Hai,

Ye Din Mushkil Se Aaya Tha,

Azadi Mubarak!


14 August Sms
Aj se 68 saal pehle.

Eik Qoom ko eik mulk ki talash thi.

Allah k karam se.
Aj jub hamare pas Mulk ha to hamain eik qoom ki talash hai.

14 august mubarak ho


14 August Aa Raha Ha,
Main Quaid e Azam Ko Kharaj e Aqeedat Paish Karnay K Liye,
Quaid e Azam K Tasaveer Jama Kr Raha Hu…
Aap K Paas Our Ghar Main Jitnay Bhi,
K Note Hain Tou Mujhay Bhaij K Is Azeem Kaam Main Meri Help Karain…
Puranay Bhi Chal Jayen Gay.


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