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Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Harassment Case

Pakistani most famous Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Attack by her friends due to physical assault. There are so many girls and famous TikTok stars of Pakistan that are so familiar on social media. It is reported that her male partner and former friends have tried to assault physical at her.

Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Harassment

She has decided to move to the Police to lodge a complaint against her friends and male partner. Hareem Shah is about 36 years old and has a very good-looking face and figure. She is famous for TikTok. Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Harassment Case going viral on social media. 

Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Case

She has registered an FIR against them under her real name Fiza Hussain. FIR has been launched at Golra Police station in Islamabad. TikTok Star Hareem Shah was Attacked by her friends at her house.

She has moved toward the police to lodge the case against her friends named Ayesha Naaz and partner Buhadar Sher Afridi. She has come to Islamabad from Karachi for the purpose of shooting on 18th March 2021.

She has shooted so many TikTok videos for her fans on social media. Her friends of her started harassment as she entered the room she said. Upon talking on the news channel she said the police had not captured any culprit yet. Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star The news has become trending and famous on the news channel.

Her former friend Ayesha Naaz has threatened her and leaked Hareem Shah’s video on social media and her personal documents. It is further added the actor Raaz also begs for help from the FIA cybercrime wing.

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Some people want to know that Ayesha Naaz is Hareem Shah’s relative. So it is clarified by Hareem Shah Tik Tok Star that Ayesha is just her former friend, not her relative she has clarified. Read the latest news about Hareem Shah Attack on Tiktok Star by her friends she has lodged an FIR against them.

Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Harassment FIR

Hareem Shah Attack Tiktok Star Harassment FIR lodged at Golra Police station Islamabad. Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah was physically assaulted by her friends.

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