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How to donate Via Namanzoor .com Imran Khan

On dated 15th April 2022 online website is currently inaugurated by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan made a declaration through video expression. Namanzoor com site is to get gifts from the Pakistanis to help the battle of Imran Khan against the shift in the power of Imran Khan and to come down on Govt to go for decisions. Learn the process of How to donate Via Namanzoor .com. Pk. The gifts made on the site will be utilized to cover the costs of this entire mission of PTI.

How to donate Via Namanzoor .com Imran Khan

This is the URL of the web portal launched by the Ex-Prime Minister. He said to support and help me via this link so here I will explain to you the step-by-step procedure of How to donate Via Namanzoor .com. Donate money on this web to help this bigger EX-PM, Imran Khan. It is said that do not donate at related websites or name PTI.

How to donate Via Namanzoor .com PTI

  • ویب  سائیٹ  کا  یو  آر  ایل   www. namanzoor .com
  • اس  کے  علاوہ  ملتے  جلتے  نام  پر  ڈونیٹ  نہ  کریں
  • ویب  سائیٹ  پر بہت  زیادہ  ٹریفک  آنے  کی  وجہ  سے  ویب  سائیٹ  ڈاون  ہو  گئی  تھی
  • چونکہ  یہ  ویب سائیٹ  صرف  بیرون  ملک  پاکستانیوں  کے لیے  ہے  اس لیے  پاکستان  سے  اسکو  آپ  نہیں  کھول  سکتے۔
  • یہ  اس  لیے  کیا   گیا   ہے   کہ   ویب   سائیٹ  اور سرور  پر بہت زیادہ  لوڈ  نہ  پڑسکے
  • پاکستان  سے  باہر رہنے والے تمام  ملکوں  کے لیئے  یہ ویب  سائیٹ  آپریشنل  ہے
  • اگر  آپ  کو  کوئی  مشکل  پیش  آ رہی  ہے  تو  کمنٹ  باکس  میں  اظہارخیال کریں۔
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The Former Prime Minister of Pakistan will send off the Imported Government Na Manzoor site. As the Shahbaz Sharif. The motivation behind sending off this site is to raise assets from abroad Pakistanis. The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf declared the site on Friday in a video message. He said how about we frustrate the scheme and take the country towards the political race.

 Imran Khan said a trick to change the public authority brought forth under outside obstruction in a new video message. He said that 220 million individuals were offended by forcing the worst people of Pakistan on individuals. How to donate Via Namanzoor .com Imran Khan PTI from abroad and foreign countries. He is running a wave of movement to support him via donating to former PM Pakistan.

How to donate Via Namanzoor .com.PK Donation PTI

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