Wednesday , May 18 2022

Jantri 2022 Download Islamic Hijri Imamia

1445 Islamic Hijri Imamia Jantri 2022 Download Here. The Punjabi Sikh Calendar in Urdu, Hindi Language available here Zanjani Jantri, Mafeed Alam Jantri and Shama Jantri in which desi month date and all events including saint birthday ceremonies are held in the different cities and areas is mentioned in this webpage. People can read online Islamic Jantri 2022 Free Download is full of our great elders like moon sighting for Eid-ul-Fitr, Raman ul Mubarak, Rabi ul Awal, Muharram ul Haram, and Bari Gayarvi.

Imamia Islamic Jantri 2020

Download Jantri 2020 Islamic Hijri



In Jantri 2022 Islamic or Desi Months are Jamad ul Sani, Shaban, Ramzan, Shawal, Zulqad, Zilhaj, Muharram ul Haram, Safar, Rabi ul Awal, Rabi ul Sani, Rajab, Jamad ul Awal. Mag, Chetan, Besakhi, Jeeth, Har, Sawan, Bhadon, Asojan, Katak, Magar, Phagan, and Poh all the occasions are mentioned in this post easily Download Jantri 2022 Online.