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PM Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration

This is another dream going to be fulfilled by the Prime minister of Pakistan. The Prime minister has launched the PM Kamyab Pakistan Program for all inhabitants of this country. This social welfare system was launched according to the pattern of Riasat e Madina. This program will help economic development and prosper the public.

PM Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration

PM Kamyab Pakistan Program was launched to stand economically and develop individually. Kamyab Pakistan scheme will assist the 37 lakh who have limited sources of income. This year Prime minister of Pakistan has started many social work programs to support financially.

PM Kamyab Pakistan Program Free Registration

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has started the PM Kamyab Pakistan Program. For this scheme, Govt of Pakistan has bestowed up to 1400 Arab rupees to run and administer the program Kamyaab Pakistan.

Kamyab Pakistan Program Features and Functions

This program has a great motto with “ہر پاکستانی کامیاب تو پاکستان کامیاب” Kamyab Pakistan Program has a great motto and features to fulfill. 1- Kamyab Kisan, 2- Kamyab Karobar, 3- Naya Pakistan Sasta Ghar Scheme, 4- Kamyaab Hunar mand, 5- Sehat Mand Pakistan etc.

Kamyaab Kisan Kamyab Pakistan

Under this project, all farmers will be provided with an interest-free loan. For Seeds and field medicine Rs. 1 Lakh 50 thousand loans and for agriculture machinery and equipment Rs. 2 Lakh loan for all farmers.

Kamyaab Karobar Kamyab Pakistan

All citizens of Pakistan can get a Rs. 5 Lakh loan to start their own business so that they may become the person to give employment to others not find employment for their own.

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Kamyaab Hunarmand Kamyab Pakistan

Free the latest convincing skills, and training for all youth so that skill finds them, not they find skill. The Kamyaab Hunarmand Kamyab Pakistan and PM Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration Starts this week. For more information and details visit this website link below

PM Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration Youth Welfare System

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