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Khaadi X Esra Design and Prices 2023

These are Pakistani fashions and brands that prepare all types of outfits, and dresses for men and women to wear. Khaadi is outclassed and completes lifestyle brands of any outfit. This fashion brand was introduced and established in 1998 Decem December. This is spreading all its brands across Pakistan. This is the reason that it has found up to 52 outfit stores in 17 districts/cities in Pakistan country. Hereby you can see Khaadi X Esra Design with Prices.

Khaadi X Esra Design and Prices 2021

Khaadi X Esra designs are spreading and it is working its brands worldwide it has established 52 stores in Pakistan and 22 stores in the UK. It has established also so many other stores in other countries of the world. Moreover, it is stated that Khada brands have the biggest and largest wearing store in Abu Dubai (UAE) named Mirdiff City center.

Khaadi X Esra Design New Gallary 2023

It has also established an online shopping center for online sales worldwide. There are several brands and companies that prepare the most fashionable and outstanding products both for men, women, and kids. These are the most demanding varieties.

  • Name: Khadi Outfit
  • Chief Executive officer: Shamoon Sultan
  • Founder by: Shamoon Sultan
  • Founded in: 1998
  • Located and headquarter: Karachi
  • No stores in Pakistan: 52
  • Khadi stores in the UK: 22
  • Khadi Dubai Store: Mirdiff City center Anu Dubai
  • Type of Business: Private
  • Khadi Instagram: @khaadi

Let us discuss its products and brands list is being attached as Khadi Kurta Design, stitched and unstitched outfits Sale the stitched dress is sold at sale centers inside the country. Fluttering Flora, Black Impression, Printed tunic,  Flaming orange, Dark melody, Enchanting garden,  Night store,  Bol Essence, and a pink flamingo, etc.

Khaadi X Esra Design & Price in Pakistan 2023 Pictures Gallary etc. Khaadi x esra price in Pakistan. Khadi dresses, Khaadi X Esra designs pictures and images of Khadi.

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