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Mavic Mini Price Specs Latest Features Read Online Reviews and Information

DJI has recently inaugurated DJI Mavic Mini Price in Pakistan dated 04-11-2020 on Wednesday. This is a very lightweight and low-priced DJI drone camera introduced by this company for the use of common people. Read its specifications, latest functions, lifting power, highest peak and weight, and connectivity range in the sky. Read more about this fan’s speed, battery timid size, price, SD card, Wifi, Gps, light, and sound.

Mavic Mini Price Specs Latest Features Read Online Reviews and Information

DJI Mavic Mini Price Pakistan 399 to 499 Dollars. If we calculate in Pakistan currency so according to the recent dollar rate it can be sold in Rs. 64,000/- to Rs.80,000/- PKR. DJI drone cameras are used at the wedding for the purposes of preparing wedding movies and capturing pictures from all sides and corners. In Pakistan, Drone camera is used very much to capture all the moments its main purpose to prepare is to make videos/pictures from height and crowdy places.

Mavic Mini Price in Pakistan

With the help of DJI Mavic Mini drones launched recently on 04th November 2020 to capture big parties, processions, and crowds. Drones also work as CCTV camera recorders so check here for Mavic Mini Price Specs’ complete information and terms and conditions and how to operate this device. On the day of introducing the Mavic device, every work can be done fast and without hurdles for the purpose of capturing every moment from all sides.

The consumers who buy Mavic Mini DJI he don’t need to register this device with the Federal Aviation Administration department. The users are free from any limitations and restrictions they can easily and freely use DJI devices. This Device has no need to attach to wifi or turn on GPS it operates easily and smoothly. The drone device has just 249 grama weight to uplift easily.

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DJI Mavic Mini Price Specifications

249 grams
Tilt range
-110 to 35°
Inauguration date
04th November 2020
Uplift time
30 Minutes
Device Holds
0.18 Ib
Recommended SD Card
Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Plus

Mavic Mini Price in Pakistan check today

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