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MDCAT Statistics 2024 Entry Test Merit Top Marks

Every year MDCAT Statistics result is shared by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) authority. This is to share the previous and current medical entry test results that should be known by students. PMC just shared the MDCAT Statistics 2024 result to compare the merit for admission. Below check the MDCAT stat result by ranging the marks, and the total number of candidates who participated.

Check MDCAT Statistics 2024 stat vs 2024 MDCAT Entry Test Result. Below online see the MDCAT entry test stat and judge the merit list for the entry test. Nums 2024 topper’s name was Nimra d/o M. Afzal who got 190 marks and got the top position in the Lahore center.

MDCAT Statistics 2024 Online Merit Result

In the previous NUMS stat 2024, there were 7 students who got marks ranging between 185 to 189 while there was a female student who gained 190 marks named Nimra Afzal. There were zero students between the range of marks 195 to 199.

Below at the end of the text, I am showing and linking a website page for checking online nums stat 2024 results. The stat of every exam shows students’ participation in the competition and getting the best result.

PMC MDCAT Stat 2024
Marks Range BetweenStudents
195 – 1990
190 – 1941
185 – 1897
180 – 18433
175 – 17983
170 – 174310
165 – 169598
160 – 1641016
155 – 1591462
150 – 1541881
145 – 1492074
140 – 1442349
135 – 1392465
130 – 1342610
125 – 1292728
120 – 1242711
Less than 12031923
Students who appeared in the exam52251
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The complete list of marks ranges between less than 120 to 199 there were 52251 students who appeared in the MDCAT 2024 exams. Out of which up to 31923 students have gained marks between a range of 120 to 124. Likewise, a full list of MDCAT Statistics 2024 2043 has appeared on this page.

MDCAT Statistics 2024 Top Marks Position List Download

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Zeshan Akram, a professional blogger since 2013, specializes in educational content. With a Master's degree from AIOU, he is a trusted source for Pakistani education insights on biseworld.com.