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Muharram-ul-Haram 10th Ashura History in Urdu

I have complete knowledge about Muharram-ul-Haram 10th Ashura History in Urdu in Islam and Muharram importance history, Hadees, hadith, and Waqia Karbala on

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Muharram-ul-Haram 10th Ashura History in Urdu

Imam Hussain (A.S) He was born on the 3rd of Sha’ban, in the 4th year of Hijrah in Medina. When the Prophet Peace Be upon Him heard the news of Imam Hossein’s birth, he becomes very happy and came to the house of Fatima (A.S). Asma, the maidservant of Fatima (A.S) enclosed the child in a white cloth and brought him to the Prophet Peace Be upon Him.

The Prophet Peace Be upon Him picked the child up in his lap and recited the Azaan in his right ear and iqamah in the left one. As if, actually, Peace Be upon Him made the ears of his son memorable and familiar with the name of God for the first time.

Muharram History in Urdu

Complete History Muharram in Urdu

Muslims from all over the world arrange and manage Mehfil-e-Naat from all over the world on the day of Muharram ul Harram 10th Ashura History in Urdu or a swab. The Muslims of the world divide and distribute Lungar-e-Aam to the rich and poor Muslims.

As we know also that our Muslims of the entire world have sacrificed lots of their lives for the development and enlargement of the pure and true religion, the religion of Islam.

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10th Muharram 10th Ashura History in Urdu Translation

Muslims all over the world give up and forgo their lives, their home, their money and food, and everything of their lives because the Muslims of the world know that mere Islam religion is the best, true, and most accurate religion of all other religions. Because there are present in only the religion of Islam, the way and method of living a true and happy life.

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And by following and subsequently only the religion of Islam we can get a successful achievement and triumph in the world and on the day of Doomsday. And also the religion Islam illustrates and shows us the way of getting to and achieving Paradise.

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