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New Monetary Policy Pakistan 2023 Get Online Information

State Bank of Pakistan SBP issued New Monetary Policy Pakistan on 19th March 2023 Friday. To decide what is Pakistan’s Monetary Policy this regard a meeting and press release on Friday to decide the Monetary policy of Pakistan country. It is announced officially that SBP will issue the policy statement released on this day.

New Monetary Policy Pakistan 2022

According to the latest statement, it has been decided that the New Monetary Policy in Pakistan will remain the same and unchanged at 7 percent. It is expected that the growth rate and inflation are increasing day by day in Pakistan.

New Monetary Policy Pakistan Updates

State Bank of Pakistan SBP reduced the Pakistan Monetary Policy from 13.25 to 7 percent last year in June 2020. SBP slashed the policy by 7 percent due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the whole country.

As per the statement of Policy Monetary Pakistan, its rate is further expected to reverse from 7 percent. PBS Pakistan Bureau Statistics has flowed current stat for this policy, Pakistan Bureau Statistics shows the report that due to the Pandemic situation of Coronavirus the inflation rate increased.

CPI Monthly report says that the inflation rate stood at 0.63 over July 2023. A statement issued by the State Bank of Pakistan to maintain the policy at a rate of 7 % was announced by SBP Karachi. MPC stands for Monetary Policy Committee has captioned this notice that Domestic recovery is gradually increasing day by day.

Hereby see the New Monetary Policy Pakistan updates announced by the State Bank of Pakistan SBP that the Pakistan Monetary Policy should remain the same this year at 07 percent. There is a chance of being expected to reduce it. This statement has issued on 19th March 2023 by SBP.

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New Monetary Policy Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan SBP

New Monetary Policy Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan SBP announced on 19th March 2023. Pakistan’s Monetary Policy would be the same at 07 % this year as the inflation rate is increasing day by day.

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