Friday , December 2 2022

NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 Intelligence Bureau Physical Test

In the Pakistan NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 Intelligence Bureau is coming from the National Savings of Pakistan is clean and clear recruitment for the candidates of IB NTS Test Roll Number slip 2022 of driving skill and trade test candidates list will appear in the dissimilar dates in this month of December 2021. When the civilian agency lucky selective persons get their appointments in this great IB defense department of Pakistan.

NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 Intelligence Bureau

The advertisement is shown in the Daily Express Newspaper then people are starting to apply online the justice unit of only one is established in the year of 1947 when we will get the freedom. And the end date of the apply register starts. This content is about NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 for physical test result Intelligence Bureau to check online at IB Official website.

NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 for Physical Test

Candidates can reach free download Intelligence Bureau NTS IB Physical test roll no slip available easily in this is sharing you the latest and upcoming NTS IB Roll No Slip  is coming on the official website of National Testing Service at

.وہ امیدوران جن کی درخواستیں جی ڈی ) بی ایس- 11 ( اور جی ڈی )  بی ایس-07(    کےلیے ابتدائی /  غیرحتمی طور پر منظور کی گئی ہیں،.

اُن کےفزیکل ٹیسٹ کیلئے کال لیٹرز ویب سائیٹ پر اَپ لوڈ کردیئے گئے ہیں۔

ایسے اُمیدوار اپنا کال لیٹر ویب سائیٹ پر Login  کے لئے NTS IB Roll No Slip

  ہوکر ڈاوُن لوڈ کرلیں.  جن اُمیدواروں نے دوسری پوسٹوں کے لئے درخواستیں دی ہیں.  نھیں بعد میں آگاہ کیا جائے گا۔

The authority Intelligence Bureau Pakistan Agency legal site where the further information related to their occupation and trade read and the application form is also uploaded in this sites download. Invitation letters have been uploaded from provisionally qualified candidates for the positions of GD (BS-11) and GD (BS-07). It is recommended that you log in to download their contact letter for the physical exam.

Invitation letters for other job applicants will be uploaded at a later time. IB – Intelligence Bureau Jobs NTS IB Roll No Slip 2022 Physical test held in this month. The result is checking and downloading in a few minutes we are uploading the whole data of the candidates who are selected or unselected for these driving skill tests and other posts. 

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