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Pakistan Budget 2023-24 Employees Pay Salary Pension Increase

Budget 2023 to 2024 Govt. Employees Salary Pension

A budget is a specific income and expenditure for a set period for a country or nation so Pakistan Budget 2023-24 has been announced on Friday, 09th June 2023, and maybe the incomes or salaries of employees may be increased because it is the demand of the country because without the budget to survive in the country is to difficult for a layman because all the expenditures of a poor person depend upon the budget as well as the aristocratic people also involved in this skeleton.

Pakistan Budget 2023-24 is a set of increasing income and expenditures of man’s life because all the activities regarding country issues, problems, troubles, and calamities depend upon the Budget 2023-2024 and their solutions to people discrepancies. 

Pakistan Budget 2023-24 Updates

We are listening through the media that the Government will be increasing the Govt. Employees Pay Increase by about 10 to 15 percent and pensions will be double but it totally depends upon the budget or on the Finance Minister of Mr. Asad Umar as well as our Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has given a message to the finance department that the budget will be increased with respect to 40 % to 50 % on their basic salary and Adhoc allowance 2010 is also increased to 50 %, medical allowance, connivance allowance in their fiscal year Pakistan Budget 2023-24.

News channels like Dunya News, SAMA, GEO, Express, and other sources of media are trying their best news about increasing budget from the government and the financial department and they are saying that the pay scale of the employees may be revised in this Punjab Budget 2023 to 2024. Every person wishes that their salary is higher and higher in this budget of Punjab and the federal budget.

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The govt. will be announced Pakistan Budget 2023-24 in the National Assembly of Pakistan on 09/06/2023 before starting Ramadan because our Muslims Holy month is started and people wish that our Budget 2023 is just like our Ramzan Blessings.

Punjab Employees Budget 2023-24 Salary Increasing

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