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Pay Scale Revised in Budget 2021-22 Chart Grade 1 to 21

Pay Scale Revised in Budget 2021-22

Revised Pay Scale 2021 Chart and Increase Salaries in Budget 2021-22

Upcoming latest update about the revision of pay scales in 2021 has been acknowledged and also all the allowances like house rent, transport, and medical allowances may be increased of government employees now in the last week of dated Friday, 15 February 2021 the Federal Budget 2021-22.

According to the sources of daily Dunya News has published a story of revision of pay scales in 2021. Scale-revised was a huge request of the government employees of Pakistan which is different recommendations have been ready to be integrated into this budget of the economic year 2021-22.

Sources by the media and newspapers the details, the pay scales of government employees will be revised. Maybe an increase in the salaries of government employees is also under concern upon receiving resources to meet with the income of an increase in salaries of government employees in the budget 2021.

Pay Scale-Revised in Budget 2021-22 also increases the different allowances of government employees through which may increase the salary of all government departments people predictable in this budget 2021-22.

The pension of retired government employees is also considered to be increased. All the old pensioner is also getting the benefits from this budget fiscal year and the National Assembly are also going to prepare the pensioners budget 2021-22. You will check the complete details of the Punjab budget 2021-22 on this webpage at

Government Employees Salary Increase 25% Pay Scale-Revised in Budget 2021-22

Islamabad (Dunya News) The Finance Minister has announced for Government Employees Salary Increase 25 Percent suggestion to Prime Minister Imran.

The Govt. also can be merged Ad-Hoc Relief 2017 to 2019 of these years for the governmental employee’s in this Budget 2021 Pakistan.

It was decided to allocate 299 billion rs for the salaries and 503 billion rupees for pensioners in this Federal Budget 2021-22 for the next fiscal year in this pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-2019) lockdown the situation in our country.

According to our sources, Grade 01 to Grade 22 employee’s salaries increased maybe 25% in Budget 2021 in which the grade 22 officers are not included for raised salaries of military and civil persons.

Dunya News Govt. Employees Salary Increase 20 %

Dunya News Govt. Employees Ad Hoc Relief Maybe Merged

Considered Allocated For Salaries Rs. 299, Pension 503 Billions

Mushriq News Govt. Employees Salary Increase 50 %

Pay Scale-Revised in Budget 2021-22 Grade 1 to 21 Chart

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Here Check the latest news about the Govt Employees Pay Scale-Revised 2021 to 2022 in the province of Punjab Budget, Federal Budget, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and local Budgets 2021-22 online the details of governments employee salary increase in this annual increment of this year 2021.