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Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Schedule Pakistan Urgent and Normal Price

This is a very important question and helpful content for overseas Pakistan. You will check the details regarding the Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule. Three types of passports are being used in Pakistan. A passport shows the nationality of a country. It is used to visit abroad to travel from one country to another. So this is the amazing content about the Passport fee schedule 2024 flow charts.

Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule

Here you will be explained the full details of the Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule with separate categories like normal and urgent. Govt of Pakistan made the passport with three categories. 1 passport consisting of 35 pages, 72 pages, and 100 pages. Read the passport price in Pakistan 2024 in the below table to check the fee, service charges, and total payable amount for the Passport renewal fee 2024.

Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule for Renewal

Do you know all these three types of passports have validation time periods of 5 and 10 years? Pakistan passport price of renewal. Below is the Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule excluding services charges. You can add passport service charges is Rs. 25,00/-.

On this web, you can download the “Passport Fee Challan” which is important for those seeking payment information. Explain the process, where to obtain the challan and its significance in the passport application procedure.

Pakistan passport fee” can serve as a central topic, discussing the standard passport application fees, including variations based on the type of passport and processing times.

  • 36 pages Passport normal fee: Rs. 3000/-
  • 36 pages urgent passport fee in Pakistan 2024: Rs. 5000/-
  • 72 pages Passport normal fee: Rs. 5500/-
  • 72 pages Passport urgent fee: Rs. 9000/-
  • 100 pages Passport normal fee: Rs. 6000/-
  • 100 pages Urgent Passport fee and time: Rs. 12000/-
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Delivery of Passports according to the delivery location

These are very important questions for how to deliver the Passport. What is the fee and charges of a Passport if you go abroad? So read here the charges for the Delivery of Passports according to the delivery location. Check the below table below for passport fees in Pakistan 2024. Read the information in this table for 5 Years Passport fee in Pakistan.

Addressing “Child passport fee in Pakistan” caters to parents or guardians. Provide insights into the fee structure for minors and the documentation required.

Fast track passport fee” should be clarified in terms of the additional costs and benefits of expedited passport processing.

Passport fee in Pakistan 2024 for 5 years

Passport CategoryChargesService ChargesTotal Fee (excl . taxes)
Normal (36- Pages)Rs. 3,000/--.Rs. 3.000/-
Urgent (36- Pages)Rs. 5,000/-( + Applicable taxes )Rs. 5000/-
Normal (72 -Pages)Rs. 5,500/-Rs. 5,500/-
Urgent (72- Pages)Rs. 9,000/-Rs. 9,000/-
Normal (100- Pages)Rs. 6,000/-Rs. 6,000/-
Urgent (100- Pages)Rs. 12,000/-Rs. 12,000/-

Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule Normal/Urgent Delivery Charges

If you want to deliver your passport abroad the charges for Passport delivery depend on the subject in which country you wish to deliver the Passport. Meanwhile, if you deliver it to the passport office it is free of cost. Check the below table for the details of 10 Years Passport fee in Pakistan for urgent and normal.

Passport Fee 10 Years Validation
Passport CategoryChargesService ChargesTotal Fee (excl . taxes)
Normal (36- Pages)Rs. 4,500/-Rs. 4,500/-
Urgent (36- Pages)Rs. 7,500/-( + Applicable taxes)Rs. 10,000/-
Normal (72 -Pages)Rs. 8,250/-Rs. 10,750/-
Urgent (72- Pages)Rs. 13,500/-Rs. 16,000/-
Normal (100- Pages)Rs. 9,000/-Rs. 11,500/-
Urgent (100- Pages)Rs. 18,000/-Rs. 20,500/-
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So keep it safe and remember the Passport Fee 2024 Pakistan Fee Schedule has been announced by the Directorate of General of Immigration of Passports, Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan.

Detail the “Passport renew fee in Pakistan” to guide individuals looking to renew their passports and clarify any cost divergence.

Lastly, focus on “Passport fee Karachi” to specify the fees applicable in Karachi, ensuring local relevance.

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