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PMIU Monthly School Report Check Here

Online PMIU Monthly School Report Download Now

Check Here PMIU Monthly School Report Download

Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit PMIU Monthly School Report is to monitor & surprise visit to the school education department to check out the achievement and progress of officers it is also enabled with SIM-enabled tablets, SIM Enabled tablets is used to submit & present visits forms online. PMIU is engaged by PITB Punjab Information Technology Board and it was operation in 2014. Through a tablet based system of pmiu.pitb, almost 1.3 million visits have been practiced. Via SIM tablet different types of data is reacquired like teacher presence, student activities & environment, availability and attendance, ease of use of pure drinking water, toilets & electricity.

The process of Data Traditional Method:

  • Proper forms filled for each school visit.
  • Back-office entry data including numerous layers of the executive.
  • Data tabulation and data examination made in excel.
  • Concentration on quality of data etc. Every official have pmiu login to enter the date in the dashboard, to follow the login every official will use their username & password to login in the pmiu online website at wants to ensure a well educated, learned and skillful Punjab. Punjab Monitoring and Implementation Unit have a vision to the ledge the best performance also apply those making better education sector deliverables at workers level in comprehensive ways. It is PMIU vision to observe the school and teacher progress, to analyses the student & teacher progress, to make better the school environment, to monitor and evaluations each month across Punjab Province.

Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit

The school timing in the summer season will be broken by end-may and reopen in mid-August every year. According to the current evolution, Dr. Umar Saif Chairman of PITB & Chief Minister Punjab advisor has expressed his satisfaction/agreement views to see the progress of the new monitoring mechanism system. Both the officials said that after to see real-time reporting, automatic SMS alertness, pictorial evidence, & sites visited its best monitoring system in Punjab to use our skills and knowledge in the best interest in open Punjab.

The main purpose of examine, data analysis & policy to foremost research & logical services and value-added info, solution, studies to SED School Education Department. The scope of the Punjab Monitoring & Implantation system to identify the data based on desires & necessities via consultation. Pmiu pitb is responsible to set up a research unit to administer the database development environment for date arrangement, data processing, data analysis, data collection; data recognize & report for decision-making purposes. Plan, develop & maintain the School Education Research & database analysis also making sure correctness & breadth of data analysis and data research, findings & proposal.

To proceed appraisal & appraisal the modifications intercessions of the school education department. Check Here PMIU Monthly School Report and Develop survey at the district level, gathered centrally, making recommendations for redressed and improvements. To write and publish technical & nontechnical papers, reports, useful information materials to research for participating in programmed. PMIU mediates with other sub-departments also entities with School education department. See more information and keep in touch with PMIU Punjab to click on this website links

Online Check PMIU Monthly School Report Download