Saturday , September 18 2021

PTA Banned PUBG in Pakistan Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Video Game PUBG Banned in Pakistan by PTA

Mobile Video Game PUBG PTA Banned in Pakistan

In Pakistan, PTA Banned PUBG Player Unknown Battlegrounds Video Game has been restricted in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority after receiving the order from Lahore High Court.

On Monday a local person name is Faizan Maqsood has put the petition against the injurious game because it was leaving negative effects on children so the citizen wanted to stop him in our country then it was file petition in Lahore High Court (LHC).

In this petition, it was requested to the government removed that’s game from the Google Play Store because it was impelling wrong emotions to the young generation and affected the decision capability in the children.

Therefore that was requested to the LHR PTA Banned PUBG PC Game and the Atir Mahmood of Lahore High Court Judge is giving the ordered him to proper banning using in Pakistan.

Pakistan is not the first country to ban the android video game PUBG before our restriction some countries are like Nepal, Indonesia, India, China, and Iraq also bans him. Since July 2019 Jordan also banned this injurious game.

Finally, PTA Banned PUBG in Pakistan within six weeks after receiving the orders of the Lahore High Court against the petition of the citizen. So the detrimental mobile video game Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is permanently closed especially for the welfare of the children because it has many negative effects that were to be effective on the children.

Dangerous Game PTA Banned PUBG

(Player Unknown Battlegrounds Video Game)