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PTCL Charji Packages Price 2024 Postpaid/Prepaid

PTCL Charji Packages Price 2024 Postpaid/Prepaid

The Magical World of PTCL and Its CharJi EVO

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Pakistan, there was a renowned giant named PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited). This giant was not just any ordinary giant; it was a provider of magical internet services across the land, with its special magic known as EVO CharJi.

The Magic Boxes of PTCL

PTCL had a treasure trove of magical devices, each with its own special power:

  • DSL Modems: The classic magic boxes that connect you to the world of the internet.
  • GPON ONT (Optical Network Terminals): Magical glasses that make your internet crystal clear.
  • CharJi EVO Devices: Little boxes filled with the power of super-fast internet.
  • Landline Phone Services: Magic phones that let you talk to anyone, anywhere.

PTCL Charji Packages Price 2024 Postpaid/Prepaid

The Treasure Chests of PTCL

Here’s where our story gets even more exciting. PTCL offered various treasure chests, each filled with different amounts of internet gold. Let’s take a closer look at some of these magical chests:

PTCL CharJi EVO Packages

Package NameVolumePrice (PKR)
CharJi EVO Unlimited Karachi & LahoreUnlimited1,849
EVO CharJi Packages Unlimited25GB to Unlimited1,149 to 2,199
CharJi EVO Azad Jammu & Kashmir25GB to 150GB1,150 to 1,849

The CharJi EVO Device: A Box of Wonders

The CharJi EVO device, priced at Rs. 4,500 (CharJi device price and EVO CharJi price in Pakistan), was a wonder in itself. It could connect up to 10 devices at once, making it a beloved choice for families and friends who wanted to share the magic of the internet together. The PTCL CharJi device price and EVO CharJi device price were inclusive of all taxes, with no hidden charges, making it a transparent and trusted companion for all.

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The Unlimited Magic of EVO CharJi Packages

One of the most sought-after treasures was the EVO CharJi packages unlimited, a spell that allowed unlimited internet usage in Karachi and Lahore for just Rs. 1,849 a month. This package was a favorite among the people, providing endless internet for all their browsing, streaming, and gaming needs.

How to Bring This Magic Into Your Home

Bringing this magic into your home was as easy as visiting a Ufone retailer, a PTCL franchise, or opting for a Cash on Delivery service. The process was designed to be hassle-free, ensuring that everyone could enjoy the wonders of the internet without any obstacles.

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