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PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply

This news has gone viral on social media about how to register PTI Raabta App 2022 announced by PTI political party. As per the announcement by PTI senior person “Asad Umar” the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf going to introduce the PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply for the purpose to beg the help of Pakistani people. Remember now PTI chairman Mr. Imran Khan is no more Prime Minister of Pakistan he has been wiped out.

PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply

By this app he just wants to boost his party membership and get support of the people by giving deceive. This party leaders has given statements on social media that now they will start campaign through a mobile application portal called PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply to help these helpless party.

PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply

We are not supporting PTI Chairman Imran Khan if only the PTI followers wish to support and provide assist to Imran Khan begger so install this app “PTI Raabta App 2022” from play store free of cost. And starting him help out. So that he again become PM Pakistan and raise the prices of all things in the shape of inflation. PTI Raabta App 2022 Registration Online Apply downloads by the follow steps.

Follow Step 1, First Go to your mobile or laptop screen.

Follow Step 2, Open the Play store app, type “PTI Raabta App 2022

Follow Step 3, Click on Install or download this app on your phone

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Follow Step 4, Create user ID on this app.

Follow Step 5, provide all required information & send request for registration

What’s the main purpose of this PTI Raabta App 2022?

To show the membership.

To Make the PTI an institution

Ensure free and fair elections within the party

PTI workers will beg help through this app

Assurance meritocracy

PTI Raabta App 2 way conversation to hold the gap between common supporters & PTI.

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