Sunday , July 25 2021

Qamar Tea 10th Lucky Draw List February 28 2021

Qamar Tea Motorcycle Scheme Lucky Draw List 28 Feb 2021

Qamar Tea is the best Tea in Pakistan now the Qamar Tea Motor Cycle Scheme 10th Lucky Draw Winners List 28 February 2021. It was an advertisement in the Jang and express newspapers for the people who can understand the latest great motorcycle Qamar tea scheme 2021. Download Qamar tea lucky draw online dated 28 Feb 2021.

Qamar Tea 10th Lucky Draw 28 February 2021 on Sunday for the public if you can miss him then start the struggle for the next winners draws list 28 Feb 2021 Qamar Tea online available draw result here.

Qamar Tea Motorcycle Draw List 28 Feb 2021

It is providing the 100 70cd bikes for the winners’ fortunate persons when they have purchased the Qamar tea packets than in which some coupons are including for the lucky men therefore that you can buy this tea for getting the motorcycle to sit their home without any problem.

Just follow the instructions are provided by the Qamar Tea Company for the customers can follow him for guidance. 10th Lucky Draw Result Qamar Tea 28-02-2021 on Sunday  (Qamar tea lucky draw) then the complete list is being uploaded here for the lucky people.


In the daily express newspaper, the company has published the advertisement to become the winner of the 100 motorcycles are giving to the lucky men in the whole of Pakistan. Qamar Tea 6 lucky draw list 2020 winner names are announcing in them.

Everyone can check the Qamar Chaye packets and search the coup in number is including them. The company has recently launched the best Qamar Tea Motorcycle Scheme in January 2021 / Qamar tea lucky draw for all the customers can participating easily without any hesitation.

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