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Qamar Tea 7th Lucky Draw List September 30 2022

Qamar Tea Cash Prize Scheme Lucky Draw List 30 September 2022

Qamar Tea is the best Tea in Pakistan now it was organizing the Cash prize of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 on Qamar Tea Lucky Draw Winners List on 30 September 2022.

It was an advertisement in the Jang and express newspapers for the people who can understand the latest great Jeeto Cash Prizes Qamar tea scheme 2022. Download Qamar tea lucky draw online dated 30 Sep 2022.

Qamar Tea Lucky Draw 30 September 2022 on Sunday for the public, if you can miss him then start the struggle for the next winners, draws list 30-9-22, Qamar Tea online available draw result is here.

Qamar Tea Cash Scheme 30 September 2022

The Second lucky draw result Qamar Tea 30 September 2022 is coming on Saturday you can just purchase the Qamar Tea sache packets and scratch the 10 digits code on the back of the packet and send it to the 0310-4753333 for entering the draw is balloting on 30/09/2022.

It is providing an Umrah bumper prize for the winners’ fortunate persons when they have purchased the Qamar tea packets in which some coupons are included for the lucky men therefore that you can buy this tea for getting the motorcycle to sit their home without any problem.

Just follow the instructions provided by the Qamar Tea Company so that the customers can follow him for guidance. Lucky Draw Result Qamar Tea 30-09-2022 on Friday  (Qamar tea lucky draw) then the complete list is being uploaded here for the lucky people. The Qamar chai Qurandazi today and Dunya newspaper Qamar tea lucky draw today watch live results on

In the daily express newspaper, the company has published the advertisement to become the winner of the motorcycles, fridges, washing machines, led, milkshake machines, air coolers, and dryer machines are giving to the lucky men in the whole of Pakistan. Qamar Tea lucky draw list 2022 winner names are announced in them.

Draw List Qamar Tea 31 August 2022

Everyone can check the Qamar Chaye packets and search the coup in number including them. The company has recently launched the best Qamar Tea Motorcycle Scheme in the 2022 / Qamar tea lucky draw for all the customers can participate easily without any hesitation.

Check Full List Cash Prizes Qamar Tea September 2022

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