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Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number

The good news for the students is that on Thursday Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the online web portal “Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number” for the purpose to register complaints and suggestions relating to education scholarships etc. This is the Scholarship Complaint number and status which you will believe and ensure merit, transparency, and raise students with more hunger & leadership.

Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number

The facility to get linked with the Citizens Portal of the Prime Minister will help the scholarship holders students to get assistance by registering their complaints about the problems. Register the complaints at Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number we will encounter, besides ensuring judicious use of the allocated resources and providing quick response to you with feedback.

Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number Status

Prime Minister PM of Pakistan just launched the Scholarship Complaint Portal in Pakistan to quickly handle and resolve the issues and complaints of scholarship recipients etc.

PM on Thursday during addressing the ceremony held at Islamabad. He said that the primary objective of the portal is to create an exclusive facility for students receiving education on a scholarship to help them resolve complaints.

The Prime Minister of Pak has said this Scholarship portal will also ensure transparency and merit in the scholarship process. And Merit will be provided the opportunity for sectors that are lagging behind to grow.

PM further added in the speech that a committee of academics will monitor the Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Helpline Number and new scholarship topics & specializations will be added according to market demand.

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Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan Status Check Online

It is stated that the Prime Minister of Pakistan explained that the government will also launch the Mercy of (God Al-Amin Scholarship) with the big aim and motive to introduce those young people to the leadership qualities of the Prophet Muhammad “May God bless him & give him peace” and the principles of the city-state model that produced great leaders who made a great revolution.

The government is currently spending Rs 28 crore to support Scholarship Complaint Portal Pakistan so that the education of deserving & eligible students. Beneficiaries: Approximately 2.6 million students, of whom 72 percent are females.

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