Wednesday , October 27 2021

TPA Single National Curriculum PCTB

It has come to know that Govermment of Pakistan has has announced the one Single National Curriculum for all. It has been requested to Government of Pakistan by Textbook Publishers Association to issue them NOC. On thursday TPA has requested the PCTB to issue the No Objection Certificate & for the purposes of textbook publishing withdraw the Hefty Fee.

TPA Single National Curriculum PCTB

Punjab Currixulum & Textbook Board has apllied the Hefty fee on the publication of Textbook. Fawaz Nawaz president of TPA has described on 24th June 2021 that in this result the cost of would be increased by upto Three hundred percent.

SNC Single National Curriculum Education For All

A committee was conducted named MUB committee has highlighted the issue that the words Interest Markup must be eradicate from Textbook of Math. He said further that another members of MUB committee has directed not to all publishers not to print out the pictures of any human figures in subject Biology.

TPA president has also said that the cost of Author Editor Marketing binding Paper Printing office overhead will be increased if Punjab Currixulum & Textbook Board (PCTB) will not remove Hefty fee.

So to escape from this all problem and increasing of price PCTB has to remove the Hefty fee. Upon publishing Single National Curriculum all schools and private publishers would have to pay upto 1 40 000 to review its book.

The president has furher said that under the new regime the worth for primary class would be increased to Rs. 12000 from the previous cost Rs. 4000 if the problems was not solved soon.

PCTB Single National Curriculum SNC One System of Education For All requests by Textbook Publishers Association to remove Haftey fee. Single National Curriculum in urdu details online get.