Tuesday , October 26 2021

Smart Office App Pakistan Detail Whatsapp Like App

This is the great and latest news for the citizens of Pakistan that now Pakistan is going to announce its own Whatsapp app Smart Office App in this year 2021 in the month of June 2021. This is a messaging app to use for a chat between one to another person in Pakistan. Smart Office App Pakistan will be equipped and filled with the latest features and amazing functions.

Smart Office App Pakistan Detail Whatsapp Like App

Federal Minister for Information Technology (I.T) has announced that this app will be launched in Pakistan in the month of June 2021. IT Minster “Syed Amin ul Haq” has confirmed that Smart Office App will be launched by the South Asian countries in the next coming months. He has announced further that all preliminary and necessary preparation has been finalized

Download Smart Office App Pakistan Detail

To launch the Smart Office App Pakistan this assignment has been given to IT Minster by Federal Cabinet Committee. This application can be downloaded from the play store app for free. First, this app would be run on a trial base after this all the backbites and mistakes would be removed gradually.

Whatsapp-Like App Pakistan for Government Employees

It is a hundred percent sure that all the data and privacy will be safe and secure. This is easy to use and understand the Pakistan WhatsApp app. All the responsibilities and orders have been given to the Information Technology (IT) to prepare and introduce a Whatsapp-like app for the citizens and Government employees of Pakistan.

IT Minster and Telecom Minster Amin ul Haq has described that this app is going to launch in the month of June 2021 and in the first phase Smart Office App Pakistan Smart App Whatsapp Like will be launched and authorized to only Government employees for a trial period later on this app will be available for all citizens of Pakistan.

Download Smart Office App Pakistan from playstore on your mobile it is totally free app for the employees of the Government. As on spreading the latest news about exposing the privacy by the Whatsapp peoples has started to remove and convert to the alternative application for conversation Signal and Telegram app is being used against Whatsapp application.

On receiving the new news about WhatsApp peoples have been worried and confused about sharing the privacy of WhatsApp with Facebook. In order to escape from sharing privacy Government of Pakistan has decided and planned to launch and introduced its own Whatsapp-Like app for sharing documents and conversations with safe and secure privacy.

Smart Office App Pakistan How to Download Launched in June 2021

Smart Office App Pakistan How to Download Launched in June 2021 Whatsapp like the app. How to download the Pakistan Whatsapp app from play store. Smart Office App Pakistan download for free.