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Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call

online ufone gold offer 2013Ufone has decided to reward their customers with Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call by just making a single call in a day. Now subscribers will not only be able to make calls through Pakistan’s most extensive telecom network but will also be rewarded for doing so, under a campaign called the Ufone Golden Call Offer.

Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call

There are absolutely no extra charges for making these calls hence customers can try their luck with as many calls as they make.

Every day 10 lucky customers will be given Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call each through a lucky draw. By making more calls, each subscriber can enhance their chances of winning the lucky draw by automatically getting multiple entries.

Speaking about the Golden Call Offer, Chief Marketing Officer Akbar Khan said “Ufone highly values its customers and incessantly finds ways to reward them. Golden call Offer is yet another step in the same direction to appreciate our loyal customers for placing their trust in our company.”

Ufone currently caters to International Roaming to more than 288 live operators in more than 160 countries. Since its inception, Ufone has focused on the people of Pakistan, empowering them with the most relevant yet futuristic communication modes, services, and packages. This customer-focused approach has allowed Ufone to build a subscriber base of over 24 million in less than a decade. Ufone has network coverage in 10,000 locations and across all major highways of Pakistan.

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Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

This Offer is valid from 2022.

10 winner(s) will be drawn in the same manner every day for any outgoing call made by them.

All subscribers consuming free minutes through other Ufone promotions will also be eligible to participate.

A single outgoing call connected in a day by a Ufone subscriber within the stated Offer duration shall render the subscriber eligible to participate in this Offer.

Each call will be counted as one single (01) entry and multiple entries against the same number shall be allowed within the same day.

A subscriber can win the Prize only once during the validity of the promotion. Multiple entries against the same winning number in one day shall not be entertained and will not be counted separately for the purpose of becoming an eligible winner under this Offer.

The winners shall be notified for the Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call by the Ufone Contact Center representative via phone calls made from 333 CLI to their subscriber number. No messages will be left on answering machines or voicemail systems. The winners will need to visit Ufone Service Centers within 30 calendar days from the date of being intimated by the Ufone Contact Center representative. The name and initials, as well as the Images of the winners, may be announced by newspaper ads, via SMS, TV, radio, website, or any other media as per the discretion of Ufone.

The winner shall only be contacted by Ufone via shortcode 333; calls from any other number whatsoever declaring the subscriber a winner should be considered spam and Ufone bears no responsibility for any such calls.

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This Offer is valid for new Prepaid, Prepaid, and Postpaid MNP and all other existing Prepaid and Postpaid customers, including corporate customers.

Each winner shall be eligible to win Ufone Win Gold 1 Tola Only Making a Single Call (the “Prize”) on the basis of outgoing calls made in a single day, subject always to the discretion of Ufone.

All daily Prize winners will be determined the following day.

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