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Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 Price Pakistan

Utility Store is offering a subsidy scheme and offers on the arrival of the upcoming mega event Ramadan ul Mubarak. The government has come up with a special plan to help families with their shopping. Do you know how sometimes buying groceries can be a bit expensive? Well, the government wants to make sure that everyone gets to avail of this opportunity Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024, especially during Ramadan when people buy more food and give to charity, and can afford the things they need.

Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 Price Pakistan

These are places where you can buy things like flour, sugar, lentils, and cooking oil. They have made sure that these lower prices apply to everyone, but especially to those who might need a bit more help, like families who are part of a program called BISP. Check today’s Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 price list for ghee, oil, flour, and other household items.

How to get Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 Price Subsidy

All citizens of Pakistan may avail of this opportunity by following the procedure to get the Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 Price list. Just register yourself by putting in 13 13-digit CNIC Card number to get the Utility Store Ramadan Subsidy Package 2024. For more guidelines visit the official portal of Utility Store Corporation at

Now, to get these discounts, people need to show their ID and sometimes put their thumb on a special machine. This helps the government make sure that the discounts go to the right people who really need them. Once they are approved, they can enjoy discounts on things like flour, ghee, sugar, and more.

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The idea behind all this is simple: to make sure that everyone can enjoy Ramadan without worrying too much about money. It is a way of showing that we are all in this together, helping each other out during this special time.

So, if you see a utility store nearby, it is definitely worth checking out for some great deals. After all, who does not love a good bargain, especially during Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024?”

Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024 Relief Items

  • Subsidy for customers Quantity 01 bags of flour per customer
  • Subsidy Ghee 02 kg.
  • Sugar 05 kg
  • Rohafza 02 bottle
  • Tea only 02 kg
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