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World Polio Day 2024 Hifazti Injection Vaccine for Children

Govt of Pakistan has scheduled to celebrate World Polio Day 2024 in the month of October. Hifazti Injection prevents and protects children from all types of diseases. The parents should join the hands with health department Government of Pakistan to get their children vaccinated. Polio Injection Day is generally observed to prevent diseases of polio and how the parents should save the lives of their children. They can call the Polio team at Polio Helpline No at 1033 or 1166.


World Polio Day 2024 Hifazti Injection Vaccine for Children

عالمی ہفتہ برائے حفاظتی ٹیکہ جات 24 اپریل 2024 تہ 30 اپریل 2024۔

ہم سب کی ذمہ داری ہے کہ حفاظتی ٹیکہ لگائے اور بچوں کی مستقبل محفوظ کریں

Do you know that Hifazti Injection protects children from the 12 diseases? First Injection is after birth immediately. 2nd Injection after 6 weeks of birth, 3rd injection 10 weeks after birth, 4th injection after 14 weeks, 5th Injection after 9 months, 6th injection after 15 months moreover the 7th injection after 18th months after birth of baby. World Polio Day awareness provides a great and very important message for parents who birth a baby boy or baby girl.

What is World Polio Day 2024 Importance of Hifazti Injection

Polio is a disease that affects the children to walk or run it affects on legs and arms etc. In 2002 the World Health Organization declared children polio-free. This year World Polio Day 2024 will be celebrated in the month of October dated 24 because of observing at the global level.

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In Pakistan, it is observed weekly the Government of Pakistan established several awareness programs and campuses at the district and tehsil levels for the purpose of delivering Polio Vaccination. Parents should get their children vaccinated from newborn to 2 years.

What is the name of Polio Vaccination and what Time Periods

Since 2000 in the United Nations IPV is the vaccine that is given to children. Some of the countries used OPV Pakistan is one of them. The iPV Polio Vaccination is injected in the arm or legs keeping in view of the child’s age. Let us join hands together with health science to observe World Polio Day 2024 in the month of October.

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World Polio Day 2024 Hifazti Injection Vaccine for Children


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