Wednesday , February 1 2023

What is Atta Price In Pakistan in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

First of all, we must know the meaning of Atta or flour and for what purpose it is used, and nowadays what is Atta Price In Pakistan as per Government rate. Atta or flour is baking and food material made of roots, raw grains, and seeds. Today Atta is being sold in the highest price packing of 5 KG, 10 KG, and 20 KG sacs having different worth and amounts. So today Atta Price In Pakistan per Kilogram is Rs. 63.50/- in PKR currency. And 10 KG Atta Price In Pakistan is Rs. 410/-

What is Atta Price In Pakistan in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

Flour or Atta is the basic need and basic food of every human being living on this earth. The price of Atta increases when the price of wheat increases Government should take very serious action to control the price of آٹا so that even a poor and common man can fulfill the basic needs of food to live alive on this planet. Day by day flour Atta Price In Pakistan is being increased which is a question mark at the Government policy.

Atta Price In Pakistan for 5 KG to 20 KG or above

As k described that flour price آٹا کی قیمت is not remained fixed it is changeable and increasable. Nowadays we are seeing some dealers set up lines and gather the public to get Sasta Atta sacks of 5 or 10 KG at affordable prices. The government has also increased the price of wheat from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 4500/- per 40 KG.

1 KG Atta Price In Pakistan is Rs. 290/-
5 KG Ata Price: Rs. 720/-
10 KG Ata price is Rs. 1440/-
15 KG Ata price is Rs. 2049/-
20 KG Ata price is 3086/-
Makai Atta Price In Pakistan is Rs. 60/- for 1 KG charge.

How to control Atta Price In Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan should take some important action for what, to control the 1KG Ata price in Pakistan. Prices should be come on normal mode and easily reachable by every common man. It is the major duty of the Government to provide all basic food and needy items at less prices and without standing in a lane to wait for it.

The representative of the Govt should leave their home to work for public safety and provide all their rights. Govt should minimize the tax on the masses and release the wheat and flour in maximum quantity. Remember Atta Price In Pakistan has different worth if made by different companies like Yadgaar, Grocerapp, Islamabad Flour Atta, and New Al Hallal Flour Mill Ata.

Flour Atta Price In Pakistan 1 KG, 5 KG, 15 KG & 20 KG پاکستان میں آٹا کی قیمت