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Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond List 10 June 2022 Draw Result No. 21 Muzaffarabad

40000 Premium Prize Bond List Muzaffarabad 10/06/2022

Early soon the National Savings of Pakistan is going to announce Premium 40000 Prize Bond List 10 June 2022 Draw Result No. 21st Held in the capital city of Muzaffarabad (Friday, June 10, 2022) when the official department is balloting rupee forty thousand lucky draws 40000 bond result for the candidates who have purchased the premium bonds for trying their luck from the scheme. People are watching and searching impatiently for the upcoming latest draw result forty thousand rupees are declared by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Banking Services Corporations (BSC) on 10-06-2022 Premium Prize Bond 40000 Muzaffarabad Draw List.

Premium Prize Bond List 40000 Dec 10 2022 Rawalpindi Draw Result #15th

The government is established for the citizens of the nation and recently it was launched the great prize bond rs 40000 in the shape of profit of interest and give him annual 1.5 % to the owner through the banks.

First when you buy him then fulfill the application form and submit it to any bank and obtain the one number against your payment this is a premium prize bond 40000 rs no and saved him their self till the draw has happened. You can know from the Prize Bond Schedule 2022 where the exact time and dates are printed for the help of the customers of this plan is started by the govt. and handled the state bank of Pakistan behind the money distribution. They have covered all losses and savings to the NSP organization within a few minutes because it was reserved some cash money from them.

A new day is a challenge for everyone because it will bring the most troubles and happiness similarly the Premium Prize bond list 40000 June 2022 the monthly draw is balloting for the public in the city of Muzaffarabad on dated 10.06.2022 when the newspapers and media channels are also telecasting the news updates through television Kohe Noor TV Live broadcasting Rs. 40000 premium prize bond draw list June 2022 is coming and the channel is uploaded the first and second prizes numbers in the morning 12:00 am and the full list is updated in the evening time till 06:00 pm for the whole population.

Latest National Savings Premium Prize Bond List 40000 June 2022

The biggest prizes are given to the persons who win the lucky draw Premium 40000 Prize Bond List 06/10/2022 then the is sharing with you the latest result that was announced by the National Savings of Pakistan on time on dated 10/06/22 for all citizens of the country. The prize denominations of Premium 40000 rs bond are available now for the First prize of Rs. 80,000,000 (Rupee Eight Crore) which’s a really huge amount equal to the 80 million a man doesn’t earn in their whole life from business or job and the Second Prize of Rs. 30,000,000 (Rupee Three Crore) there are also big cash is received each three luckiest persons and the last Third prize of Rs. 500,000 (Rupee Five Lac) are given to the 660 each person from it.

40000 Premium Prize Bond Prizes Denominations

In this year’s entirety, 33 draws were announced in the complete year. A large number of people can purchase the prize bond guess papers previous draws no for to try his luck and become a rich person through this fabulous scheme of the Central Directorate Government. State Bank of Pakistan is the only bank is managing the full worth of money and distributed it to the winners of the prize bond first second and third who won the prizes from this lottery scheme of money-making. Here our team uploads the 40000 Rs. Prize Bond Full List June 2022.

The Central Directorate of Government is recently in the month June 2022 launched the new Premium 40000 Prize Bond for the people can purchase individual and corporate level from any bank in our country without paying extra charges first of fall you go to the bank and take him application form and fulfill then give him to the accountant manager and get the one personal bond number and check every draw when happen are conducted after 03 months online and the interest is taking by annual 1.5 % all of us and it was continued till you can to finish your bond. Here download your 40000 Premium Prize Bond Schedule 2022 to 2023 without any problem.

Muzaffarabad 40000 Premium Bond Result Full List 10 June 2022

Not in seven days a week the office is open because Saturday and Sunday are closed and the other days timing is Morning 12:00 am to 02:30 pm and only Friday 12:00 am to 12:30 pm for the public can contact any held and information of toll-free numbers of each district check in this webpage. The live telecasting the premium 40000 prize bond draw list Kohe Noor tv live offering the transmission for the audience view from television the computerized draw is held in the Muzaffarabad 06/10/2022 and matched their bonds online without any difficulty.

The people are now waiting for the new draw of the forty thousand rupees are come in the beautiful city where located millions of inhabitants are fond of the prize bonds because this is a great and fantastic scheme is organized by the upper administration especially for the poor persons. Therefore that the lucky draw is very exclusive because a lot of public is interested in him and it was held after each three months ago by the whole population demand in the different regions and provinces and it was given a chance to various persons to become a millionaire throughout the lottery scheme of the management.

Where millions of people are searching the upcoming rupee forty thousand bond result is published for the public can visit and check their premium prize bond list 40000 Muzaffarabad. Our government of the Punjab province is launched the highly recommended prize bond draw 40000 premium because it was adding up a new method of profit for the whole population after six months profit rate is 1.5 percent.

Prize Bond 40000 Premium Registration Online

Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw Result Muzaffarabad (Fri 10 June 2022) is conducted by the National Savings in the sports city of Muzaffarabad. All the prize bond draws are announcing the Govt. of Pakistan in the 04 provinces including Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Baluchistan at the same time and date every year. National Savings is organized for each prize bond draw after the 03 months are repeated.

People are searching for the exclusive and upcoming Prize Bond List 40000 Premium 06-10-2022 when the National Saving Organization is announcing the Muzaffarabad result for the audience because everybody is waiting for the high-cost bond result of this month. The draw no. 21 (twenty one) is holding for the public can view online check and free download Premium 40000 Prize Bond List 10 June 2022 is getting without any fee we are uploading the complete list in this webpage on date of June 10, 2022, then our site is upgraded the full draw result 40000 premium prize bond list 2022.

Updated 40000 Premium Prize Bond List June 2022

              DRAW OF Rs.40,000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bond (Registered)
Draw No. 21st					
Series:	Common Draw					Date: 10/06/2022
First Prize of Rs. 80,000,000/-
Coming Soon???
Second Prize of Rs.30,000,000/- Each
Early Announced>>>>>	 
MUZAFFARABAD ON 10th June, 2022 - 660 PRIZES OF Rs.500,000/- EACH