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Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 11 December 2023 Rawalpindi Draw #12 Result

The National Savings of Pakistan is announcing the Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023 (Monday, 11 December 2023) is balloting in the city of Rawalpindi The draw no 12 of twenty-five thousand rupees was held in the capital of Rawalpindi 11.12.2023 the visitors can view online and free download the Central Directorate Government Pakistan National Savings and Investments organization 25000 draw lists December 11, 2023, at

Premium Prize Bond List 25000 March 2023

Rawalpindi (Monday, December 11, 2023) – Prize Bond Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023 is announced by The Central Directorate of National Savings Government of Pakistan in the province of Punjab (Twenty Five Thousand Rupees) Prize Bond List 25000 11/12/2023.

State Bank of Pakistan organized all draws of prize bonds every month each draw will be held after 3 months in one year every bond draw is going to hold 5 times. All banks of the world accepted the bonds money some people also called the prize bond a magic scheme of money.

These prize bonds are issued in a series of letters in order & numbers every arrangement has distinctive letter sets and the same number as different arrangements. Pakistan every Prize Bond draw rundown and results are overhauled on this site and you can likewise get in on authority here.

National Savings of Pakistan is balloting the Quetta: Prize Bond Rs. 25000 Draw is going to be announced in the whole of Pakistan, provinces like Punjab, Sarhad, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit Baltistan, and Sindh.

Premium Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023 Denominations List Winner Prizes

1st Prize: (Rupee Panch Koror Pachis Lakh  پانچ کڑوڑ پچاس لاکھ)

2nd Prize: (Ik Koror Pachis Lakh ایک کڑوڑ پچاس لاکھ)

3rd Prize: (Teen Lakh Bara Hazar Rupee تین لاکھ بارہ ہزار)

               DRAW OF Rs.25000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bonds (Registered)

 HELD AT Rawalpindi

Draw No. 12th

Series: Common Draw Date: 11/12/2023


First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000/-

000000 000000


Second Prize of Rs.12,000,000/- Each

000000 000000 000000


Prize Bond Rs 25000 Premium denominations are full details is explained in this webpage the National Savings of Pakistan is declared the First Prize of Rs. 50,000,000 (Five Crore Rupee is given to only one fortunate man) it’s really a huge and huge amount a local person can’t earn in their whole life and the Second Prize of Rs. 15,000,000 (One Crore Fifty Lakh Rupee are received for Every Three Persons) that’s are real big cash money are gaining the govt. project and the last Third prize of Rs. 312,000 (Three Lakh Twelve Thousand Rupees for Every 1696 Persons) are received those amounts from the administration department of law enforcement.

National Savings Organization of Pakistan controls all series of prize bonds including these bonds are Rs. 120, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40000, and Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize bond, etc. Every bond series consists of less than 1200000 numbers. In every city in Pakistan, the result of the lucky draw is declared at the same time and date which is declared by the state bank of Pakistan.

The National Savings of Pakistan is declaring the Rupees 25000 Premium Prize Bond List Lucky Draw Result Full List of 11-12-2023 is published by the government and declared in the morning time 12:00 am on all tv channels telecasting live streaming of every draw and also the social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, and newspapers published the exclusive computer draws complete result in public or official sites Check Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023.

Check the 25000 premium prize bond draw schedule 2023 the date of the result will be announced in next month.

Rawalpindi Rupee 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023 Draw Result Full List Announced 11 December 2023

A total of eight prize bond draws are held in the various cities of our kingdom and each bond draw comes after three months and has six digits including alphabetic (a to z) and numeric numbers (0 to 9) you can match her bond that was confirmed when the National Savings Pakistan on the legal site.

Rs. 25000 Prize Bond List 12 December 2022

Now the complete Bond Result Premium 25000 Prize Bond List June 2023 is available on this webpage you can free download the LHR draw list 25000 early soon.

National Savings is the main organization that is dealing with prize bonds and it was joined by only one bank the state bank of Pakistan which stands for the lack of money to fulfill. Each person wanted to become true to her dreams and for this, it was purchasing the prize bonds. Now, this season is the latest coming 12th No. the draw of Rs. 25000 prize bond list 2023.

It is a really such way to early become a millionaire but only some lucky people are won cash prizes in the shape of money and that was actually a big amount given to the finance department of Pakistan and the finance minister is responsible for managing the whole unit of prize bonds.

Live Watch Kohe Noor TV Channel is presenting online the total 32 draws of prize bond on this television channel and also jo television news channel in time of 12:00 am morning sharp for the visitors can see their complete list.

Rawalpindi Premium Prize Bond List 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023

25000 Prize Bond Lucky Draw will be held in the biggest city in Pakistan. This is the thirty-three Draw No. is going to declare the Saturday Morning time 12:00 AM in the first week of December. The Premium prize bond 25000 draws are published by the government of Pakistan dated 11/12/23.

Let’s see the Latest Draw Result Premium 25000 Prize Bond Draw List 11 December 2023 Rawalpindi city is going to announce on 11/12/2023 when the National Savings of Pakistan is balloting lucky draw no. 12 online the twenty-five thousand rupees free download at

Ready to up for the No. 12 draw result Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 11 December 2023 comes in Rawalpindi city where all of us is thinking about the National Savings of Pakistan recruitment of recent announcements of the 11.12.23 when the upcoming of this month of December 25000 prize bond list 2023 online check is printed and reached in this shops, markets, and banks where the everyone has easily purchased him and match with their bond numbers.

The candidates are in thought that the draw is changed their luck but it was only some people got a cash prize of money and the others try next time when organizing the 25000 prize bond draw list on December 11, 2023. So good luck to all the audience Good gives him much happiness throughout the prize bond rs 25000.

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