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Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List (Hyderabad 01 July 2023) Draw Result #86

01 July 2023 Bond Result 15000 Prize Bond List 2023

Hyderabad حیدرآباد (Thursday, July 01, 2023) Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 01 July 2023 is balloting in the city where everybody is impatiently waiting for the upcoming Prize Bond Draw will be the 86th Draw of Prize Bond Rs. 15000 on 04/01/2023.

It draws no. 86 of 15000 Rs. The Prize Bond List result is going to be announced in the city of Hyderabad. Online check the latest prize bond 15000 results of Hyderabad 01.04.2023 here. The National Savings of Pakistan is balloting the Rupee 15000 Prize Bond Lucky Draw List 01-04-2023.

The Central Directorate of Government is the administrative authority to control the entire draws of prize bonds which are declared in the whole of this year 2023. The state bank of Pakistan is managing all worth of money to divide the winners who are won the prizes from this scheme of Govt. This month is a coming draw of 15000rs prize bond on the internet you can free download prize bond 15000 lists confirmed soon here.

Prize Bond List 15000 Bond Result 2023

The State Bank of Pakistan issued every bond series like Rs. 100/=, Rs. 200/=, Rs. 750/=, Rs. 1500/=, Rs. 7500/=, Rs. 15000/=, Rs. 25000/= and Rs. 40000/= etc in the month two times. National Savings of Pakistan organized this draw of bonds on the official website Government announced the Prize Bond Rs. 15000 Draw Result Complete List will be balloting in Hyderabad City dated Thursday Morning 09:00 AM, 01/04/21 for all people who purchase the bonds.

Pakistan National Savings is the only first institute that is managing all money of bonds in our country and regularly conducted prize bond draws in various cities are Lahore, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, and Hyderabad in which each lucky draw held for the people and all nation is free downloading the computerized draw result in this post and I will upload the complete data of July (Kura Andazi) ڈرا for the natives of our homeland.

Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Denominations

First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000 (For Only one man)

Second Prize of Rs. 10,000,000 (For Each 03 Persons)

Third Last Prize of Rs. 186,000 (For Each 1696 Persons)

                         DRAW OF Rs.15,000/- PRIZE BOND
                               HELD AT Hyderabad
Draw No.:  86TH                                               
Series  : COMMON DRAW            			Date : 01/04/2023
First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000/-
Coming Soong???
Second Prize of Rs.10,000,000/- Each
Early Updated????
Third Prizes of Rs.186,000/- Each (1696 Prizes)

The National Savings of Pakistan has announced Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Draw List 2023 at Hyderabad on the day of Mon when all of us are browsing the biggest cash prizes of giving to the winner persons by the government the First Prize of Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Rupee 30000000 (Three Crore for only one lucky person) it is very huge and the biggest amount is given only one man and the Second Prize of Rs. 10000000 (One Crore Rupee for Each Three Persons) is distributed to every three persons who win the bond number and matched with the draw is announced and the third last prize of Rs. 186,000 (Rupee One Lac Eighty-Five Thousand) are given to every 1696 persons are getting these amounts through this result draw 15000 prize bond list 01 July 2023 (04.01.21) online.

Every day the time is developed and more progress so that the Pakistan National Savings is up to date their system and introducing a great future for all people those are continued with the draw result announced in the whole region including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan where the jurisdiction of this once department.

Prize Bond 15000 Full List of July 01, 2023, is downloading here you can easily download and see your prize bonds result. Every bond series consists of less than 1,000,000. This scheme is very popular in Pakistan and the whole citizens of this country have bonds and some big businessmen also buy and sell this magical lottery. In western countries, people are called the lottery scheme to purchase for trying their luck.

Prize Bond 15000 Draw Result 01 July 2023 Held in Hyderabad

The National Savings of Pakistan is established in the year 1945 for the care of the poor community of our country because our public is privileged therefore the Govt. of Pakistan is arranged the prize bond series in the different cities of Pakistan. The main purpose of this scheme is to upgrade the poor people and divide the money among all the people. The prize bond series is less than 1 million and every bond has six digits including alphabetic and numeric numbers. Each lucky draw is coming after three months and two draws are balloting in one month in the diverse areas and a total of eight prize bond draws are announced.

A prize bond is a very easiest way to get money. It depends on man’s luck. Prize bond is a good source to change man’s life imaginary. On the other hand, there are many ways to earn money but all the ways are difficult and lengthy. A prize bond is a shortcut way to be a rich man for a poor. It is presented by the Government and its avail in different Rs. and prizes in the market.

The official body is confirmed the next new upcoming Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List July 2023 in the capital city of Pakistan, Rawalpindi. The savings organization is held the newest list 15000 July 2023 for the people who can check the updated of every draw on this page available when the government is declaring the final result is published online for the inhabitants who have the prize bond. In our land, everyone has the bonds for changing their lives through this system of distribution of money it will be shortly dividing the Pakistan rupee to our beloved nation.

In the province of Punjab, everyone wants to rich through this scheme of money because a large number of the population is pitiable and to pass her life very sad because poverty is common and huge people have no work then our political leaders decided to start the scheme of money in the year of 1944 to 1945 under the Act of 1971.

15000 Rupees Hyderabad 15000 Prize Bond Lucky Draw Announced July 01, 2023, on Thursday Morning Time 09:00 AM

Today the National Savings of Pakistan is announced Prize Bond Rs 15000 Draw # 86th Result 01 Apr 2023 held in Hyderabad city the candidates can get their latest rupee fifteen thousand lucky draws to obtaining to checked and verified all the bond numbers are printed on the internet the official site of the government where 15000 prize bond list 2023 is uploaded when the central directorate is announcing on dated Mon 04-01-21 in the morning 09:00 am. Everyone is waiting to download the upcoming results of the prize bond 15000 rs that were early available here.

The whole public is waiting for the latest draw to be balloting in the second biggest metropolitan city of Lahore and the people are searching on the internet for getting the full list here soon. The finance department is dealing with the entire money divided among the winner inhabitants when the govt. is confirmed by the legal site. is going to prepare its team for the new procedure in the month of July. In our state every year, a million population is purchasing prize bonds for changing their life through the great scheme of money. It was issued by the formal organization of the lawful department of government.

Everyone has purchased the lucky draw prize bond according to their capacity, usually, the poor man saves cash on their pocket money or household spending because one of all wants to should the biggest millionaire and perfect personality through this scheme of money. The strategy is now different compared to the old-time therefore very difficult become to get a lot of wealth from this unit are established for the welfare of the population. In this region, the state bank of Pakistan shares the all capital with the luckiest men and is the only bank that is takeover the entire banks of our nation.

Pakistan National Savings 15000 Rs. Prize Bond Draw List 01 July 2023 at Hyderabad

The National Savings of Pakistan will be declared the Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 2023 for the whole public of our state and the people are also waiting for the latest draw result # 86 which is affirmed the nationwide computerized online upload for here. The Central Directorate Government of Pakistan and the Finance department are the main ones responsible to carry on the continuously 15000 draw list 01 July 2023 held in Hyderabad the saint city. The natives of our land are found to search on the internet the formula guess numbers old prize bond 15000 rs.

Many people wait until the latest draw result is coming declared on Kohe Noor Tv 15000 Prize Bond List July 2023 is telecasting for the entire population is visiting this news channel for getting the bond result is come in Hyderabad soon.

In daily routine a lot of persons are purchasing the prize bonds 15000 rs because it’s a handsome amount is fix in one paper note in their hands and anytime give him to the shopkeepers and banks to collect the money in few seconds. Similarly, everyone wants to buy a bond to try their luck. The main head office is located in the capital of our country in Islamabad where the franchise and headquarters where the whole matters are handled about them and the saving organization is issuing the prize bond list 15000 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023 for the help of the population.

Here we are uploading the Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 01 July 2023 is going to declare on Hyderabad city the Draw No. 86 Result is available, especially for the public can check on this page. The official site can update the draw raw fact without any problem on time then all the public can free downloading and see the complete prize bond list 15000 July 1, 2023, easily. The National Savings of Pakistan is the main responsible association that is holding the draw result for the candidates who have the bonds. is early sharing with you the up-to-date prize bond draw list 15000 July 2023.

Our team has early uploaded Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 01 July 2023 Draw Result in Hyderabad complete list will be soon here. The complete Prize Bond Draw Result Rs. 15000 Hyderabad 04.1.2023 Full List is available here when the draw will be confirmed by the National Savings of Pakistan. All the people can free download the 15000 Rs. prize bond draw list online.

Full List 15000 Prize Bond List 1 July 2023 #86 No. Draw National Savings of Pakistan