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25 December Quaid-e-Azam Day Wishes SMS Quotes

Baba-e-Qaum Quaid-e-Azam 25 December Text Messages

Baba-e-Qoum the great leader of our Muslims Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad  Ali Jinnah Birthday 25 December day wishing, celebration SMS for smartphones in Urdu and English poetry, poems, and ghazal Shairy free download here at Biseworld.com give you the latest Quaid-e-Azam Day SMS 2022 for you.

25 December Quaid Day SMS in Urdu Wallpapers

25 December Quaid-e-Azam Day SMS 2022 quotes are available on this webpage you can watch read online and download the new Quaid day SMS 2022 catch him. The one-man made the whole of Pakistan on the world map. All the people called him Baba-e-Qaum and now we are celebrating 25 December Quaid-e-Azam Birthday with full joys and happiness this Friday (25th December 2022) in the whole of Pakistan and the world.

25 December Quaid-e-Azam Birthday Wishing SMS

Nature Has Given You Everything,
You Have Got Unlimited Resources.

The Foundations Of Your State Have Been Laid,
And It Is Now For You To Build,
And Build As Quickly As You Can.
So Go Ahead and I Wish You God-Speed

Happy Quaid e Azam Day


25 December Poetry

May the Spirit of Freedom

Be With You and Always
Best Wishes for Quaid-E-Azam Day…

Aye Quaid!

Tare Baad Bhi Guzre Hyn Kuch Log
Magar Teri Khushbu Na Gai Raah-Guzar Se
Happy Quaid Day…


I Don’t Like to Take 
Right Decisions..!!! 

I Take Decisions 
and Make Them 

Mohammad Ali Jinnah 

25th December 
Happy Quaid’s Day 


Tujh Pe Zamana

Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan

Dekha Tou Jo Iqbal Ne Ik Khawab Suhana
Us Khawab Ko Ik Roz Haqeqat Hai Banana
Ye Socha Jo Tune Tou Hansa Tujh Pe Zamana
Har Chaal Say Chaha Tujhe Dushman Ne Harana
Mara Woh Tune Dao K Dushman Bhi Gaye Maan

Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan


Amazing Fact..!!


Ki Life Main 3 Dates Sab Se Aeham Hain…

  1. Date of Birth 25 Dec,
  2. Date of Death 11 Sep,
  3. Independence Day 14 Aug…

Sab Se Pehley 14 Aug Aati Hai,

14th Aug ko Jo Din ho ga To Baqi Ki 2 Dates ko Bhi wohi Din ho ga.

Har saal aisa ho ga.

For example, it is saal 14 August ko Friday tha, 11 September ko Bhi Friday tha aor 25 December ko Bhi Friday ho ga.

Aor agar Mathematically bhi daikhain to yeh dates bohat ajeeb hain,

25-11=14 Aug

25-14=11 Sep

11+14=25 Dec

Isn’t that AMAZING??


25th December is a Day Of Pride For All Muslims
May Allah Give Us Wisdom & Knowledge
2Built Pakistan According to 2 The Ideas of Quaid.
Quaid-e-Azam… Zinda Baad
Pakistan Painda Baad


Let’s Join Hands N Advance
Ahead 2 Pay Tribute 2 Our Great Leader!
Salam QUAID!


“Susti Hamari sab

“Susti Hamari sab se bari Dushman Hai”
(Allama Iqbal)

“Hamein apne Dushman se bhi pyar KRNA chahiye”

“Dasso Hun Banda kaidi mannay…….?”