Tuesday , October 26 2021

Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan

Every country has its culture, tradition and different style of living. Pakistan has the best culture and tradition to live on. Here Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan is being celebrated today on dated 14th March 2021 on Sunday. There the different types of traditional wears and dresses are worn in Pakistan. Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman has commented on this mega event.

Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan

A culture of a nation and country can tell you the way of living, their dresses, foods, and language of a country. Punjab Culture Day images have been attached to show the culture of Punjab. In Pakistan country, every type of peoples lives Sindi, Balochi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Pushto. They wear according to their traditional dresses.

Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan 2021 Pictures

The culture of a nation shows unity, brotherhood, love, and peace. Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan gives the message of Love and peace. On this event, a mega event is organized and celebrated with different activities.

On the eve of Pakistan Culture Day peoples different types of Culture dress, a different type of foods is baken. People also play different sports games with Dhool and Bhangra. This event scatters mega happiness on the faces of Peoples especially women and children.

Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan 14th March 2021 Pakistan culture festival Punjab. Punjab Culture festivals Lahore see its images. Punjab Culture day ceremony pictures held in Lahore.

Culture day is celebrated on 14/03/2021 every year with the collaboration of the Government and peoples. This event becomes the part of happiness and love with each other. The mega ceremony regarding this festival Punjab Culture Day in Pakistan is going to be held in Lahore Punjab Pakistan at Alhamra Hall.